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Not only is Woodland Ways recognised as the largest provider of adult and family based Bushcraft & Survival Courses in the United Kingdom we are also held in the highest esteem for the quality of our instruction.

We offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of bushcraft & survival training courses both in the United Kingdom and overseas covering the whole spectrum of skills from the basics up to advanced skills.

In addition we provide retail equipment online and operate the World of Bushcraft Centre, a completely unique experience store in Bedford.The majority of our instructors are employed by us full time, permanen... read more
  • Share new experiences together on our Family Bushcraft and Survival Course. This course is a one-day and one night course aimed at paren...
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  • A days foraging for wild food and medicinal plants.  Join our highly qualified instructors for the day as they take you on...
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  • The Woodland Ways Weekend is our intermediate Bushcraft and Survival Course, and has been our most popular course for many years! This ...
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Survival and bushcraft courses

Our gift packs make a great present, simply select a value and we'll post you a beautiful presentation gift pack, or email it to you. Voucher can be redeemed against Courses, Overseas Expeditions and Equipment!

Why not join our industry leading expert instructors on one of our bushcraft courses?

The Woodland Ways team are not woodland romantics, but are practical and realistic. We work in harmony with our changing seasons; adapting our practices throughout the year... for us this is our full time occupation and our way of life.

Woodland Ways operates award winning, fun, practical and realistic Bushcraft and Survival courses throughout the UK and overseas. Our main camps in England are Oxfordshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Bedfordshire. With courses also operating from our Scotland camp in East Lothian. Our team of instructors will work with you to move beyond the confines of pure survival into the world of Bushcraft. Or maybe you wish to venture further afield, if so every year we run a desert survival training course in the Sahara Desert, we live with the Masaai Warriors in Kenya, teach people how to cook on Safari in South Africa, track bears and wolves in Croatia and teach Canoeing and Campcraft in Sweden. You can see straight away you are with the market leaders.

In the Bushcraft and Survival Skills Magazine’s annual "Best in Bushcraft Awards” we won following awards before they were ended in 2013:

  • Best in Bushcraft Awards 2013 :
    Winner Best Bushcraft Course, Best Bushcraft School, Best Bushcraft Retailer Online, Best Bushcraft Retail Store.
    Finalists for Best Bushcraft Course, Best Bushcraft Instructor, and Best Bushcraft Online Content in 2013. We also had the highest number of votes for instructors within one single company.
  • Best in Bushcraft Awards 2012 :
    Winner for Best Bushcraft Retailer Store and Best Bushcraft Retailer Online
    Finalists in Best Bushcraft School, Best Bushcraft Course, Best Bushcraft Instructor and Best Online Content in 2012.
  • Best in Bushcraft Awards 2011 :
    Winner for Best Bushcraft School, Best Bushcraft Course and Best Bushcraft Instructor(Jason Ingamells) in 2011
    Finalists in Best Bushcraft Retailer Online, Best Instructor and Best Bushcraft Online Content.
  • Best in Bushcraft Awards 2009 :
    Winner Best Bushcraft course for families in 2009.

Our courses and instructional team have appeared in The Daily Express, The Daily Mail, TNT Magazine, Foodepedia, The Great Outdoors (TGO) Magazine, Round and About, SGB Outdoor, and Talk Business aswell as too numerous to list Radio programs and local newspapers. We have appeared in Countryfiles top 10 foraging courses review, TGO (The Great Outdoors) Magazine alongside comedian Ed Burne as well as our regular features in Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine.

The courses on this website are aimed at individuals and groups who have an interest in the skills we teach, but in addition we also deliver courses in the UK and overseas for education establishments, youth groups, charities and other organisations. We have experience of running courses overseas for young people including courses in Switzerland and Morocco.

Further to this we have a comprehensive suite of corporate packages for both large and small businesses as well as offering bushcraft courses such as foraging course and many more award winning survival courses for private groups such as birthday parties, stag and hen groups.

We can offer a wide range of bushcraft courses packages to suit your budget, everything from our most popular Woodland Ways Weekend, through to flint knapping, woodland crafts, tracking, to off -road driving! Check out our Survival Courses page for the full list.

Basic outdoor Survival skills are the foundations for the knowledge that we pass on, but we go much further than this on each and every course - into the realms of Bushcraft and indigenous skills. We are one of only a very small number of companies in the UK who you can class as really full time. You only have to check our calendar to see that our full time instructors are really out there, teaching skills, 7 days a week- not one weekend a month. Yes, thats right, we currently employ 6 full time permanent instructors along with 2 back office support staff. These are further supported by 14 part time seasonal instructors and trainee instructors.

Bushcraft, for us, is about making the most sustainable use of the natural resources available to you in order to work in harmony with your environment, through this ethos you will not only survive but to start to thrive within the environment you are working within. This is the backbone of all of our courses, but we try to make your experience fun and informative, this is one of our aims.

You can either join up as an individual, as a small group of friends or you can get a larger group of friends together and tailor a course just for you.

The following is a list of just some of the different outdoor bushcraft skills that we can deliver :

  • Shelter building
  • Water Collection, Filtering & purification
  • Fire Lighting
  • Natural foods
  • Natural cordage
  • Campcraft
  • Hide tanning
  • Bow making
  • Traps & snares (Demonstration/Education only)
  • Rope and knott work
  • Clothing and equipment
  • Fungi
  • Medicinal plants
  • Tracking & Wildlife Obervation
  • Navigation
  • Natural Navigation
  • Tree and plant identification
  • The psychology of survival
  • Axe and knife choice and care
  • Game and mammal preparation
  • Fish preparation
  • Search and rescue
  • Casualty evacuation
  • Greenwood crafts
  • Woodland Management & Conservation
  • Flint knapping
  • Off road driving
  • Expedition vehicle choice and care
  • Canoe building
  • Fungi identification
  • Expedition Preparation
  • First Aid

Our woodlands are also alive with wildlife and resources, we will provide you with the highest possible quality of course, and the most amount of fun you will have had in ages! So why not come and see what everyone is raving about when they say Woodland Ways.

We hope to see you soon...

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Survival and bushcraft courses - quick info

Survival courses

Going back to our roots ! Our ancestors of the past knew how to accomplish the tasks for their own survival and by practicing the ways of the old wildreness skills in our survival courses in the UK , we can connect with our understanding of them, and that of nature. In our surival courses, you will learn how to source water, light fire, build shelters & find food in a variety of desert environments. No prior experience is required for this course. Bushcraft Basics - Our Introductory Bushcraft & Survival Course. We run this survival courses in near Appleton in Oxfordshire and Catton Hall Estate in Derbyshire. Our survival courses covers the basic skills required to survive, and is based on the four main principles of survival- fire, food, shelter and water. Through out the day you will learn how to build an emergency shelter, collect and purify your water, prepare your own food, and how to light a fire.

Family Bushcraft Weekend

Woodland Ways got award for "Best Bushcraft Course for Families 2009" - Share new experiences together on our Family Bushcraft WeekendCourse. A way to adventure weekend journey full of fun for the whole family. Woodland Ways's Family Bushcraft Weekend Course is a one-day and one night course aimed at parents and children who want to learn how to live more comfortably in the wilds. The course is designed to be a family friendly course, enabling parents and children to discover together some of the delights of learning to live with the resources available to us in the wilds. Our Family Bushcraft Weekend Course takes place on the beautiful Catton Hall estate in Derbyshire, or within our 250 acre woodland in Oxfordshire. We cover skills for everyone including shelter building, campfire cookery, tracking skills and games, choosing materials for and lighting your own fire, knot work, natural navigation and making damper bread.

Survival skills course

Learn bushcraft survival skills ancient and modern ways. The Woodland Ways Weekend, one of our most popular is our introductory bushcraft course for learning essential survival skills - covering the four key principles of survival, fire, food, shelter and water. An ideal starting survial skills course for the beginner and for those who wish to try their hand at something different. Learn about skills such as fire-making, building a waterproof woodland shelter using only natural materials, primitive weapons, snaring, survival kits, fire without matches, preparing wild food, improving hunting and fishing skills, forage in the wild and collecting, filtering and purifying your water in our survival skills course.

Weekend Bushcraft course

Stone Age Weekend - At Woodland Ways weekend bushcraft course we offer the Stone Age weekend. On this weekend bushcraft course we are joined by Karl Lee, one of the countries leading Flintknappers, (making of Prehistoric tools), and Primitive Technologists. This weekend bushcraft course focuses on making tools and stones to prepare the equipment need to prep your meal. From catching you prey to making tools to skin you prey to cutting it and cooking it, all will be learn in the great Bushcraft Stone Age weekend.

Outdoor survival courses

Our outdoor survival courses are conducted in beautiful woodland locations near Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Lincolnshire. Our outdoor survival course will also teach you how to move silently through the forest. You'll learn where to find water, even in the driest of conditions. Not only that though, our outdoor survival courses will teach you how to make it safe to drink through the sourcing, collecting, filtering and purification of the resource. Teenagers Fundamental Outdoor Bushcraft Course - This outdoor survival course is aimed for teenagers from 12-17 years of age. This survival course is designed to promote self responsibility and a responsibility for the outdoor environment, within a woodland setting. Parents are welcome to join this outdoor survival course if they wish although we actively encourage teenagers. We cover the fundamental skills of bushcraft including fire lighting and management, campfire cooking, Navigation techniques, Tracking, Fire, Shelter & Water plus much more.

Bushcraft courses

Join the experts on our Bushcraft Courses. At Woodlands Way we have some of the most exciting Bushcraft courses in the UK. Our affordable Bushcraft courses are all you need to know to live out in the wild. Tracking Weekend - Join our instructors to learn the ancient art of tracking. Throughout the weekend our instructors will work with you to identify animal tracks and signs, moving further into the realms of tracking we will also develop your stalking techniques to allow you to move silently through the woodland.

Bushcraft equipment

Choosing the best ones for your needs. Latest Online camping bushcraft equipmenttried & tested by survival expert instructor. We stocks quality outdoor adventure supplies to make outdoor life enjoyable and pleasant. All bushcraft equipment sold by us has been critically inspected and tested by our expert instructors, with the advantages and disadvantages of each bushcraft equipments honestly noted on each bushcraft product webpage for your information. We sell a wide range of quality outdoor supplies and equipments such as Bushcraft Knives, Axes, Saws, Sharpening Equipment, Waterproof and Windpoof matches, Fire Ball- fire steel, Swedish Army Fire steel, Tinder Material, Cooking Equipment, Utensils, Cutting and Sharpening tools,Outdoor Clothing, Basha, Hammocks, Sleeping Bags, Tents, Compass, Filtration and Purification Devices,

Foraging courses

Finding nutrition while in the outdoors. Join us on a day of foraging courses for wild foods and medicinal plants. Join our instructors on a foraging courses: Spring Foraging, Autumn Foraging and Summer Foraging. During these Foraging course you will learn flora identification techniques, useful, edible and medicinal plants available in the UK. Our nature has plenty of valuable resources that can come in handy when it comes to providing for nutrition. Learn how to harvest these resources in a sustainable manner and how to prepare each ingredient. Includes tasting sessions throughout the day and the opportunity to practice cooking techniques, including preparing and cooking your own game lunch, vegetarian options are also available in foraging courses.

Survival courses UK

Survival courses UK – Learning to survive in UK's wilderness. On the Woodland Ways's survival course UK you will go back to the basics of what our ancestors used to do 100's of years ago. It was not long ago that we had no gas supplies in our houses; as a matter of fact we had no electricity, no water and no supermarkets and fast food outlets. How did people light fires? Where did they find water? Where did the food come from? And most importantly how did they live. With the Woodland Ways's survival course UK you will learn all essential survival skills and new bushcraft techniques that can be usefull in woodlands and forests.

Bushcraft weekends

Bored, looking for a challenge? Want to learn new skills? Have you ever considered Bushcraft weekends? Enjoy bushcraft weekends survival course with your friend & family. One of the woodland ways weekend course is Remote Emergency Care Level 2 - Outdoor First Aid is a two-day practical course designed for outdoor instructors and enthusiasts and those who work in remote environments. At Woodland Ways all our instructors and other staff are highly skilled in bushcraft skills and have all the safety training to keep you and your group safe. Get all the hands on experience you need with many of our weekend Bushcraft courses; we have the 18+ course which is run at the Oxfordshire site. This bushcraft weekends course is not designed to see how long you last but designed to give you the hands on experience you will need to learn the great skills of Bushcraft. This bushcraft weekend course is aimed at outdoor professionals and enthusiasts, the course covers both life-saving skills and also care for more common problems that happen in the outdoors, such as blisters, dehydration and hypothermia.

Survival weekend

Want to be creative over the weekend? No problems at Woodlands Way we offer a great Survival weekend courses. Join us on ourWoodland Crafts Weekend to develop your own skills for making a variety of hand made goods using natural materials. In this Survival weekend - woodland craft course, we will show you how to carve and shape the wood using an axe, knife and a saw and then its over to you to start 'roughing out' your spoon, bowl, ladle or Scandinavian style cup. We then move on to weaving techniques using Willow and materials sourced locally from the hedgerow. In this Survival weekend - woodland craft course, you will also learn how to source the correct materials and prepare them for weaving and how to build a strong basket. Price includes all materials, food and full instruction.

Survival course

Woddland Ways offer wide range of Bushcraft Training and survival courses across uk. We run survival course for Groups, Schools & Individuals. Join us on Woodland Ways Walks - Int. Navigation - Advance your basic map reading skills, one of our great adventurous survival course in the UK. During this course you are invited to join our WGL qualified instructors in the wonderful landscape of the peak district. In this survival course you will develop your map and compass skills. Initially we will brush up on the basics of interpreting the map within the landscape, understanding scales, calculating distances, providing 4 and 6 figure grid references, and setting the map to ground. The survival course is run entirely out on the hills and is completely "hands on", which begins in Edale within the Peak District National Park.

Wilderness survival courses

Wilderness survival courses - how to make it through in the wild, exploring outdoors with bushcraft and wilderness survival courses. Our 4x4 Voyagercourse is designed to give you the confidence and ability to plan and tackle your off road adventures. With an emphasis on fun and adventure, throughout this one-day wilderness survival course our instructors will introduce you to practical wilderness skills required to survive, based around the four principles of survival- fire, food, shelter and water- with an emphasis on using your vehicle as your survival resource. Our wilderness survival courses is set within the National Forest, on farmland with a purpose built 4x4 off road driving course.

Bushcraft courses UK

Bushcraft courses UK – Exploring UK's outdoors with bushcraft and survival wilderness skills knowledge. Woodland Ways offer some of the BEST Bushcraft courses in the UK. On our Bushcraft Basics Course you will learn how to light fires with Tinder's, construction, Lighting, bow drill, spark and Primitive Methods. Moving away from Fire you will learn how to build Natural Shelter Buildings, Tarps and various other sleeping systems. You will also learn how to carve, cook various types of foods, skills to make Char-cloths, Soap to keep clean and knot making for many reasons. Depending on what level of course you wish book to complete or do on our Bushcraft Courses UK we will also cover various sections on the types of kits which can be used out in the wild, stoves, to cook different kinds of foods. Use knifes to cut your prey or shape wood sticks, axes to cut chop down trees of bushes and even for other reasons which you will learn. In Bushcraft Courses UK you will also learn to make different style knifes for different reason and not only use knifes you have bought with you on the training course. People that elect one of our bushcraft courses in the UK usually are very satisfied with what they learn and eventually, they end up recommending their near and dear ones to try out bushcraft courses UK as well.

Bushcraft survival courses

Unraveling the secrets of the wild. Woodland Ways offer premier advanced bushcraft and survival courses. During your stay with us on one of our Bushcraft survival courses, you'll learn essential survival skills - covering the four key principles of survival, fire, food, shelter and water. We cover knowledge passed down from our ancient ancestors through to modern survival equipment. You don't have to worry about finding it difficult to learn as Woodland Ways bushcraft survival courses we cater for all abilities, young and old. We also offer discounts for group and educational bookings for many of our bushcraft survival courses all year round. On these Best bushcraft survival courses you will need to wear sensible clothes in which you can easily and safely carry out bushcraft Skills. You will need to make sure you have brought your medicines which you would normally eat if you were at home. It is important to remember our bushcraft survival courses are not for the armchair survivalist, you will need a lot of energy as most of our activities are hands on experience. Be prepared for a great day with use of most of the muscles in your body.

Survival training courses

Learning to survive in the wild, modern and traditional methods of Hide Tanning with the expert of woodland ways survival training course. During this four day survival training course you will not only learn how to prepare a deer for the pot (or hot rocks!), but our instructors will also guide you through the different stages of hide preparation and scraping the hide clean in preparation for making buckskin. After scraping, de-hairing and soaking the hide you will also have the opportunity to make needles from the bones and sinews to use when sewing the buckskin. Our instructors will be on hand to help you design a bag or pouch to sew from your buckskin in this Hide Tanning survival training course, which take place in Near Appleton in Oxfordshire.

Survival school

Woodland Ways is a professional bushcraft wilderness survival school in the UK. We operates award winning, fun, practical and realistic bushcraft & survival school in the UK. Based in our main camps in Oxfordshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Lincolnshire our team of instructors will work with you to move beyond the realms of pure survival. We have been voted "Best in Bushcraft" by the readers of Bushcraft & Survival skills magazine, and was voted in at number 18 in FHM's top 100 adventures, come and see what everyone is raving about when they say about our survival school- Woodland Ways. Wide range of bushcraft and survival courses to choose from : Weekend Bushcraft Courses, Family Bushcraft Courses, Day Bushcraft Courses, Week Long Survival Courses, Sahara Desert Expeditions, Tailor Made Bushcraft and Survival Courses

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"A great day of escaping from the usual and a great sense of achievement - especially starting a fire without matches or a lighter!! I never felt pressured into doing anything and always felt as if the instructors were only too willing to make our day as enjoyable as possible. The Instructors ..."

– Jon Sheaf

"A great weekend, vastly knowledgable instructors who were able to get the message across in an entertaining but thorough manner. Good spread of subjects and fantastic instructors who ooze knowledge and enthusiasm, what more could you ask for."

– Jon

"Hey all Just a quick thanks to the 'Woodlands ways crew' for a fantastic weekend felling trees etc, I'd learnt more in the first 2 hrs than I had in the previous thirty years...Jason and Dan really know their stuff! "

– Jason Plume

"One of the most enjoyable weekends spent in the woods. A big Thanks to Martyn and Ruth for their knowledge and for putting up with the jokes! I feel that everybody should at sometime in their life experience this weekend, just to see how much fun it can be! "

– Neil Toon

"WOODLAND WOOOOOOOWWWWW! you guys are amazing..i just got home from your intro wkd!!!! massive thanks to Martin, Adam, Nick and Matt for opening up the natural world in so many ways!! I feel so inspired and its just given me the thirst for more big time....Cant wait to see you again :)"

– Natalie

"Hi Jason- What can I say, we both had an amazing time on your family bushcraft course. It was great fun. I'm so glad we slept in the shelter. Superb instructors, always willing to answer questions and offer help. We will definitely be back, well worth the money."

– Jon & Zak

"I'd like to pass on my thanks and praise for the course and your instructors. It was one of the best experiences of my life and hopefully the start of many more. I had a life changing five days - too many good aspects to mention and can't wait to do more. Brilliant course."

Alex Spiers
  • Best Bushcraft Course Award For Families 2009
    Best Bushcraft Course Award 2009
  • Best Bushcraft School Award 2011
    Best Bushcraft Instructor Award 2011
    Best Bushcraft Course Award 2011 - woodland Ways Survival and Bushcraft Weekend
  • Finalist Best Bushcraft Retailer Online Award 2011
    Finalist Best Bushcraft Instructor Award 2011
    Finalist Best Bushcraft Online Content Award 2011

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