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Diary of a Bushcraft Instructor- Episode 45

Keep following the guys as the progress deeper into the Sahara on the Desert Survival Training Course. This week they are (more…)

Which wood for my fire?

As an instructor I am offen asked during courses which woods are best burnt for what purposes. Here I aim to narrow down some of the detail for you to enable you to make an appropriate choice, but on the whole it is worth remembering that all wood will definately burn better when seasoned and split.   (more…)

The Diary of a Bushcraft Instructor Episode 44

This week sees Jason and Kev leave the UK for the sweltering heat of the Sahara to undertake our Desert Survival Training course. Follow the guys and girls as they progress through there journey (more…)

10% Off All Internet Orders Today 27th July

We’re in a good mood this morning, and so to pass on these feelings we have decided to offer 10% off EVERYTHING bought on our website today. This could be a new piece of kit you’ve had your eye on, a Woodland Ways Weekend, or even a trip to the Sahara!! Thats right, 10% off everything until 23:59 this evening… spread the word and then go to and take your pick!

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Only exception is the wild food mentor course… sorry guys, we’re already giving it away at that price!


Out of the four basics requirements for survival (fire, food, water and shelter) shelter comes out pretty much at the top of the list irrespective of the environment you are in. (more…)

Diary of a Bushcraft Instructor Episode 34

Just a short clip this week as Jason shows you around the family bushcraft camp following a busy weekend of courses (more…)

Just back from a great course

Just back from another busy weekend where we had a Woodland Ways Weekend in Derbyshire, a 4×4 Voyager Course and then a Family Course. (more…)

The Diary of a Bushcraft Instructor Epsiode 31

This week sees Jason and Joanne travel to the shetland isles (more…)

The Diary of a Bushcraft Instructor Episode 29

This week Jason and the guys travel from The Outdoors Show at the NEC where they are supporting Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine (more…)

The Diary of a Bushcraft Instructor- Episode 28

Following a very busy 4×4 show in Warwick Jason & Jo take a day off to go an stretch the dog in the hills around lady bower, here Jason (more…)