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In 2011 through to 2013 Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine ran a readers voting award to benchmark skills across the Bushcraft Industry, Woodland Ways was very proud to win an almost clean sweep! In the latest round we won Best Bushcraft Course, Best Bushcraft School, Best Bushcraft Retail Store and Best Bushcraft Online Retailer.

In 2012 the company won Best Bushcraft Course, Best School, Best Online Content, Best Retailer and Best Online Retailer. The awards have now finished running but we feel this is a true honest reflection of how our skills are seen by the public.

In 2011 out of 63 other nominations our Company Director was voted as The Best Bushcraft Instructor, with our Head of Courses Kevan Palmer also being voted as a finalist. We also gained the Best Bushcraft School and Best Bushcraft Course awards

It was with huge pleasure that the team at Woodland Ways has won a large number of awards in each year in various categories and the most coveted prize of all - The Best Bushcraft School (2011 and 2013).

Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine - Best in Bushcraft Awards

Best in Bushcraft Awards 2013

Best In Bushcraft Award 2013
Bushcraft and Survival Skills Magazine
Best in Bushcraft 2013

Best in Bushcraft Awards 2012

Best In Bushcraft Award 2012
Bushcraft and Survival Skills Magazine
Best in Bushcraft 2012 | View HTML version

Best in Bushcraft Awards 2011

Best In Bushcraft Award 2011
Bushcraft and Survival Skills Magazine
Best in Bushcraft 2011

  • Winner of Best Instructor Awards 2011 - Jason Ingamells
    Out of 63 other nominated Bushcraft Instructors our very own Director and Chief Instructor Jason Ingamells was voted as the best bushcraft instructor. Other finalists were our very own Kevan Palmer and Frontier Bushcrafts Paul Kirtly.
  • Winner of Best Bushcraft Course Awards 2011 - Woodland Ways Weekend
    Out of 78 other nominated courses the Woodland Ways Weekend was voted the Best in Bushcraft Course. Not only this though, the other two finalist courses were our very own Woodland Ways Family course & our Woodland Ways Week Long Course!
  • Winner of Best Bushcraft School Awards 2011 - Woodland Ways
    Woodland Ways Out of 35 other nomintated schools Woodland Ways was voted the best course provider
  • Finalist of Best Bushcraft Retailer Online Awards 2011 - Woodland Ways Bushcraft Store
  • Finalist of Best Instructor Awards 2011 - Kevan Palmer
  • Finalist of Best Bushcraft Online Content Awards 2011 - Woodland Ways Bushcraft Blog

Best in Bushcraft Awards 2009

Best in Bushcraft Awards 2009 - Best bushcraft Course for Families - Family survival course

The Best In Bushcraft Award 2009 for Best bushcraft Course For Families
Bushcraft and Survival Skills Magazine
Best in Bushcraft 2009


Here Jason says

"It is a wonderful honour and a true reflection of the sincere hard graft that each and every one of our team of instructors put in on each and every course to receive these awards, and in every parcel we send out. I am constantly humbled by the efforts and energy that they all put in, my thanks to you all for your hard work- these awards are yours. A huge warm thank you to you, our many thousands of customers for voting for us also. To win awards in every category over the years just proves that we deliver what we say we deliver, the highest quality of courses run by full time staff 12 months of the year. We do not say we are the "best", that would be an insult to the other highly skilled instructors out there that have been teaching for years; but we do say that with us you will get a very professionally delivered course, we are the largest supplier in the UK and our attention to the details of the skills we teach is legendary, you don't get to be the biggest without being good at what you do! Thank you all once again for allowing us to do the job that we love.”