Out & About

Well after pretty much nonstop courses all through the year, course delivery eases up just a little for the team to get stuck into Marketing strategies, New overseas & UK course prospects, craft projects, Display preparation, blog scribing, material collection, Warehouse organizing, New product saucing & much, much, more,  so let’s have a look at what the team have been up to.

14th & 15th October


Kev & Jay first started us off with two back to back private day courses in our Oxfordshire woodland. On the Wednesday they instructed on a Bushcraft Fundamentals Course This was followed on the Thursday by a Corporate Activity Day Team Building day for a company based in London.

tbKev instructing on friction fire team building.

team tSuperb cooking challenge results

Corporate Activity Day

15th-18th October

Ian took  the weekend forward with our Woodland Ways Bushcraft Weekend with Apprentices Laurence & Ed. Ian reports ” A great weekend of skills, great banter and a good laugh, especially at my great jokes (If you have experienced one of Ian’s wonderful jokes we do have a help line! Editor) Thanks also to Laurence & Ed for their help. Well done guys. Looking forward to seeing the customers again as there was lots of interest in further courses”.

Ian wwbwWoodland Ways Weekend

19th October

Jason was in Derbyshire conducting an assessment for the Institute of Outdoor Learning’s Foundational Bushcraft Competency Certificate.

iolIOL FBC award assessment

Jason comments “A great day in the woods today working with Dave Watson of Woodland Survival Crafts on the IOL FBC Award assessment, with one guy even choosing the fire saw to build his fire! Extremely impressed guys well done. More and more outdoor centres are using this competency assessment as a benchmark for delivering safe, short bushcraft sessions at there centers and we’re pleased to be involved to help manage the risks of such ventures“.