Out and About

Here we are already half way into February and we have seen the winds picking up and temperatures dropping, but what have we been up to since our last update? Read on and find out…….

29th – 31st January

Jason and Kev were still out in Kenya leading the group on the Maasai Warrior Expedition. This has proved to be an extremely successful trip.

Maasai schoolThe Maasai school in Kenya

Jason writes “Another incredible adventure with the Maasai, this pic sums up where the profits go… Food, water n education”

On their return Kev gives a Kenya report from the trip as Jason’s feet hardly touch the ground as he heads straight out to Lanzarote for filming work.

“It was an awesome trip and more of an emotional roller coaster  than in previous years. The Massai village surpassed itself from day one. They were all there to welcome us as we arrived, to the whole of our group being presented with blankets & ceremonial beads, right through to the impressive dance of over 30 Maasai warriors. On the last morning we spent over an hour at the school that some of you may remember hearing about on our first expedition to the village in 2012 where monies from that trip were put to help secure the construction of a school there. They now have four classrooms, three teachers, with 5 eager to learn year groups. With water collected from the rains from the school roof and a food program that are all there, helped by your past generosity. It was wonderful to see kids loving being at school answering questions and working so hard.”

school kidsMaasai school children eager to learn

Your generosity continued in all the baby and toddler footwear you gave when a polite request from the village was made. You responded incredibly, overwhelming us with your kindness. we literally had hundreds of shoes and clothing donated. The guys took everything they could, cramming them into every nook and cranny so they could be handed out to the villagers to be given new lease of life making little Maasai wiggly toes very happy indeed. Be assured when the Maasai return to the UK to raise funds and awareness later in the year, every single donated item will be taken out for a new life in Kenya with a Maasai child. Thank you again, it all makes such a difference.

maasai marketMaasai village market 

The group saw an amazing amount of wildlife, all where it should ideally be, in its natural environment. From giraffe, zebra, ostrich, Grants gazelle, impala, warthogs, baboons, male kori bustard in full display, hyrax, and honey badger. The group then went on a foot safari tracking, Klipspringer, baboon, and heyena all the way to its den where evidence of tracks, scat and bones from kills were evident. At Lake Magadi water buffalo and flamingos were in numbers and in Nairobi buffalo, mongoose, Harte beast, giraffe and a spectacular view of a crocodile literally under their noses was viewed safely from within the Land Rover Defender.

We have some exciting Maasai news we are looking forward to sharing with you when we can. We will tell you about this as soon as we can.

Joe was at the World of Bushcraft instructing on a full Carving a Swedish Kuksa Cup workshop, guiding his group on the safe use of an axe and crook knife in doing so.

axeJoe’s Carving a Swedish Kuksa Cup

Adam then gave a private one to one Edged Tools workshop including some safe practical grips & cutting methods on various gauges of green wood.

Our Wednesday & Saturday workshops are put on our website in blocks of three months, so if you have a particular date you would like to do a specific workshop on, or you would like a private workshop to suit your own requirements, then simply contact us and we will make it happen for you.

1st – 11th February

Joe continued with his private School booking with a session of inspired foraging helping the pupils understand where the edible products around them are in the plants & trees that surround them.

Jason flew out to Lanzarote. Explaining why he had a bow and several arrows, 2 machetes, 2 spears, and what appears to be a stuffed dead rabbit in his bag to airport security, it’s all in a day’s work on an exotic filming location.

Thank you for taking the time to see what we have been busy doing, we look forward to updating you again in a couple of weeks. If you have any questions you would like to ask us about what we do, then head over to our Business Facebook page where an instructor is usually on hand and we will endeavour to answer it for you.