Upcoming Courses

So what have we got coming up over the next couple of weeks? Read on to find out more……..

 12th-14th February

No sooner is Kev back from the heat of the Maasai Mara before he is straight out on a Winter Skills Survival Weekend Course. Danny will be in our Bedfordshire woods relocating the main camp for the new season ahead, to help minimise our impact at that location and enable us to use the resources in a sustainable manner.

fundamentalsBushcraft Fundamentals Course

Joe will be joining Danny for two back to back Bushcraft Fundamentals Courses, later joined on the Sunday by Barry Hamick, in the newly prepared camp in the Bedfordshire woods.

16th-17th February

Danny will be in the Oxford woods delivering a Tailor made course, while Joe is in the centre delivering Understanding Axes Workshop. Jay will be in the woods immersing himself for a day into a collective team project we look forward to be presenting to you later in the year, more to be revealed…..

Tailor Create you very own Tailor made course 

 19th-21st February

Jason and Joe will be welcoming the 2016 intake for The Woodland Wayer at the Leicestershire woodland, as Adam Delivers the basketry weekend to the second year Woodland Wayers in Oxford.

If you like the sound of that Jay will be leading the Making a Simple Round Basket Workshop at The World of Bushcraft Centre, why not join him, there are only a few places left.

basketMaking a Simple Round Basket Workshop

 22nd -25 February

Joe continues his school booking with a different group of children and Jay & Kev deliver a private school booking in the Oxford woods.

That brings us up to date with what we will be up to in the next couple of weeks. If you have a question about what we have coming up please don’t hesitate to contact us. Along with the forms of communication, you can also message us on our Company Facebook page here where we will help answer your questions.