Out & About

We have been out & about, busy running courses, instructing in schools & attending & demonstrating at shows.

The start of the month saw us burst into a hive of activity as we held a host of courses reaping nature’s autumnal bounty in our woodlands & turning it into an array of tantalising dishes for our foragers to enjoy.…..read on

adam cray fishWild Food Foraging group processing signal cray fish

2nd, 3rd & 4th October

Adam & Ian instructed on a fully booked Wild Food Foraging and Survival Cooking Weekend in our Oxford woods where they foraged over double the ingredients compared to shop brought items. Adam remarked that the customers varied in what they wanted to get out of the weekend, but all pulled together to produce some truly awesome food. The chowder was a particular favourite of his. Here is a taster of just some of the meals that were enjoyed over the weekend.

adam fish prepIan demonstrating fish preparation


Damper loaf cooked in Dutch oven served with butter and hedge row jams and selection of wild teas (mint, yarrow and ground ivy) and coffees (acorn and dandelion spiced with hogweed).


Rabbit, mint and mugwort burgers served in bread rolls with hawthorn ketchup and hedge garlic mayonnaise.

Evening Meal

Starter – Pigeon breast wrapped in burdock leaf cooked in embers served on pasts with chickweed pesto.

Main – Whole roast partridge on bed of carrot, parsnip and burdock served with rowan berry gravy.

Dessert – Pancakes served with rosehip syrup and acorn coffee infused whipping cream.

bunny burgersCustomer cooking rabbit burger

Places for next year’s weekend are already on our website; don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to produce similar meals in our woodland, click here to book your place.

shaggy ink capShaggy Parasol mushroom

  Danny, Ed & Bob started us off in Belvoir with three foraging days over the course of the weekend. He reports a good weekend of mushrooms, with fried shaggy ink caps & orange peel mushrooms served with mixed greens of hogweed stems, nettles, dandelions & onions.


Joe fireJoe’s friction fire demo

Jason, Jo, Brian & Joe were at our stand at the Bear Grylls Survival Race with over 20,000 people attending, selling top quality merchandise as Joe demonstrated friction fire lighting to big groups, he also got children involved in pigeon preparation, using just their hands.

Jay meanwhile was demonstrating Swiss arrow & natural cordage making with appropriate knot tying to a preparatory school in Berkshire. The pupils were then invited up to try their throwing arm at the natural archery target, learning the importance of where their food comes from & how our ancestors used atlatls.

9th to 11th October

Kev & jay were out in our Oxfordshire woods both instructing on different The Woodland Wayer courses. Kev instructs the second years on Hide and Leather Work Weekend, while Jay instructs the first years on Camp Furniture & Gadgets. This included a host of pot suspension systems, cooking frames, seating, both individual & multiple, a kitchen unit & a whole host of lighting systems, illuminating the evening camp. Danny also in the same woodlands provided another three autumn foraging days over the weekend.

This brings us up to date with what we, thank you for taking your time in finding out about our goings on. We look forward to updating you again in a couple of weeks.