Out and About

So what have we been up over the last couple of weeks here at Woodland Ways camp, read on to find out more……..

12th-14th February

Kev, who came back from the heat of the Maasai Mara went straight out on a Winter Skills Survival Weekend Course. Kev writes……

IMG_2398Winter skills shelter

“Roast partridge with roasted veg and gravy, pan fried pigeon breast sandwiches with balsamic glazed onions, hare baked with tomatoes, garlic and pasta.  5 cracking shelters, 100% success on the fire bow and a great Sunday morning tracking; roe, muntjac, fallow, fox, badger, rabbit, hare and mole sign.”

IMG_2400Good night spent toasty and warm

Danny was in our Bedfordshire woods relocating the main camp for the new season ahead, to help minimise our impact at that location and enable us to use the resources in a sustainable manner as the courses are run at that site.

JoeJoe starting his fire session

Joe  joined Danny at the same venue for two back to back Bushcraft Fundamentals Courses, they were later joined on the Sunday apprentice instructor Barry Hamick, Joe writes…..

We had a great two days in the woods with the customers, I really  enjoyed myself on the Sunday as I instructed on lots of the sessions through the day. A highlight for me was the shelter session as the customers really excelled in working together to produce a fantastic shelter.”

16th-17th February

Danny was in the Oxford woods delivering a Tailor made course, while Joe was in the center delivering an Understanding Axes Workshop. Jay was in the woods immersing himself for the day into a collective team project we look forward to be presenting to you later in the year, more to be revealed…..

19th-21st February

Jason and Joe welcomed the 2016 intake for The Woodland Wayer at the Leicestershire woodland, as Adam delivered the basketry weekend to the second year Woodland Wayers in Oxford.

Wayer Jason and Joe welcome the new Woodland Wayer 2016 intake

 Jason Writes……

“A wonderful warm welcome to the 2016 intake for the 2 year Woodland Wayer course. I’m sorry some of you had too wait so long, but its so very worth it i promise. You’re about to immerse in to an incredible bushcraft journey, welcome to the family. It was a pleasure to meet you all this weekend. The team and i are very excited about your coming journey, welcome! Thank you to Joeseph Philbin for his assistance on this bladed articles introductory weekend”

 22nd -25 February

Joe continues his school booking with a different group of children and Jay & Kev deliver a private school booking in the Oxford woods with 24 inner city children.

That brings us up to date with what we have been up to for the last couple of weeks. If you have a question about what we have been up to please, don’t hesitate to contact us. Along with the forms of communication, you can also message us on our Company Facebook page here where we will help answer your questions.