So What Have we been up to?

Lets see what has been going on with us lately then, as you will see we have been keeping ourselves very busy, with an amazing Sweden trip, lots of courses & plenty of shows, read on…….

28th-30th August

Jason & Kev were together working on the Friction Fire weekend, Danny & Barry Hamick were in the Leicestershire woods on a Woodland Ways Bushcraft Weekend. Jose manned our stand at Tree Fest in Westonbirt, at The National Arboretum.

31st-4th August-September

After the weekend Jason & Adam headed out to Sweden to deliver the fully booked Canoeing and Camp Craft expedition. Jason reports a spectacular trip was had with Wolves howling, beaver sighting, moose tracking, not to mention witnessing the natural wonder that is the northern lights, captured beautifully by Sam Longhurst. It does not stop there though

 sweden 1

 The stunning image of the aurora borealis & Ursula Major captured by Sam Longhurst

sweden group

The group in Sweden

Jason was extremely impressed with the quality of craft work displayed throughout the course. As you can see they made their own steel strikers, tinder kits made by charring their own material & storing it in the birch bark containers they made, crook knives were forged, small carving knives were made & fishing nets were crafted. It will not surprise you to learn that 2016 trip is now fully booked. You will be glad to hear that the 2017 dates will be released in the next newsletter.

sweden craft

 Fantastic craft work produced on the expedition (above & below)

sweden 2

While the group were having the time of their lives in Sweden, Jay & Brian set off to the National Forest Wood Fair and provided Demonstrations throughout the day & the option to buy some quality kit.  Kev then set off to our Bedfordshire woods to deliver a team building day, Joe hosted the game preparation for the Wednesday workshop held at The World of Bushcraft.

5th-9th September


 Another great 4×4 group

Kev & Bob Leatherday looked after a private all female 32 hour bushcraft experience in our Leicestershire woods,. Meanwhile Danny went to Derbyshire to deliver a fully booked 4×4 Voyager off road course with our driving instructor Rob. Danny then headed down to our Bedfordshire woods to deliver a packed Bushcraft Fundamentals Course & Joe was busy with his Wednesday Spoon Carving Workshop.

So What Have we Got Coming up?

10th – 17th September

going wildGo Wild with us for FREE!

Bedfordshire is Going Wild at the Forest of Marston Vale where you can try your hand at Canoeing, talks by experts & a host of Bushcraft activities including Friction Fire, Woodcarving, shelter building & more, all for FREE. So come & join us for a great afternoon out from 12:00 to 16:00. Kev in the meantime is Hosting a children’s party in our Oxford woods. It is then all hands on deck as we host a two day bushcraft event for 100 in our Leicestershire woods.

Wednesday’s workshop understanding axes. Join our highly experienced instructor Adam as he leads you on what to do.

18th – 20th September

Kev, Adam, Richard & Nicola instruct on a Woodland Ways Bushcraft Weekend in our Oxfordshire woodland, This course gets booked months in advance, but one place has just become available, call the centre on (01234 351006) or book online. Danny & Joe head up to the Woodland Festival in the Warwickshire Country Park & Kev focuses on Bushcraft Fundamentals Course on Saturday.

23rd – 27th September

Adam Heads up to our Leicestershire woods to instruct on the IOL Foundational Bushcraft Competency Training course. Jason & Brian are in our Oxford woods delivering the Tracking Weekend Course, We only have a couple of places left on this course so you will need to be quick. Kev & Stephen Wood deliver the Hide and Leather Work Weekend for the second year Woodland Wayer’s in Oxfordshire woods, as Joe leads the first year Woodland Wayer’s with an Autumn Forage. Ian, Lawrence & Davie will be in Belvoir estate instructing on Woodland Ways Bushcraft Weekend.

Once again thank you for taking the time to see what we have all been up to. We look forward to updating you with more goings on in a couple of weeks.