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Woodland Ways Walks - Int. Map reading and Navigation Course

2 days | 18+ | 6 People per Instructor

Whether you are looking to acquire map and compass skills or advance an existing understanding of these skills come and join us for a fun and informative two days in the hills! During...

4x4 Voyager

1 day | 18+ | 8 persons max

Our 4x4 Voyager course is designed to give you the confidence and ability to plan and tackle your off road adventures. With an emphasis on fun and adventure, throughout this one-day course...

Woodland Ways Bushcraft Weekend

3 Days | 18+ | 16 persons max

This is by far our most popular Bushcraft Course! This multi award-winning course is an ideal starting course for the beginner and for those who wish to try their hand at something different. It...

Woodland Ways Week - 5 Days Survival Course

5 days | 18+ | 10 persons max

One of our advanced Bushcraft Courses the Woodland Ways Week will allow you to develop your Bushcraft Techniques for a more prolonged period of time. The Woodland Ways 5 day survival course is...

Winter Survival Skills Weekend Course

3 days | 18+ | 12 persons max

This course features an in-depth study of the immediate short-term priorities for winter survival - shelter and warmth, before building on the more advanced skills of gathering wild foods...

Maasai Warrior Expedition

13 Days | 18+ | 7 Max

Some of the proceeds for this trip go directly into funding projects within the community. ...

Tailor Made Survival Courses

Various | Various | To your requirments

Our tailor made courses are a one day course suited to your particular needs, this course can be extended to an overnight stay also. You have a number of options available...


2 Years. 17 weekends 3 days plus access to our woodlands | 16+ | 12

THE WOODLAND WAYER: A comprehensive bushcraft course aimed at those with either a personal and or a professional interest in progressing their bushcraft knowledge to heights they...

Canoeing and Camp Craft in Sweden

9 Days | +18 | 12 persons max

Join the Woodland Ways team as we travel back to the Swedish wilderness and undertake an 8 day canoeing expedition. ''I was fortunate enough to be part of the first Sweden...

Canoe Wild Scotland

7 Days | 18+ | 12 persons max

"As you glide effortlessly over the moving water, you move into an eddy and face back upstream, content that following your training you can put your fully laden canoe exactly where you need...

Northern Forests Year Long Course

1 Year | 18 | 10 Max


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