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Professional Development

IOL Bushcraft Competency Training

3 days | 16+ | 6 persons max

Woodland Ways Training Course Institute of Outdoor Learning Bushcraft Competency Certificate - Training. This course is an Institute...

There can be no denying that the link between the traditional craft of the canoe, and the skills of bushcraft are intrinsically linked. It is a favoured method of transport for us and forms part...

This course is designed for professional bushcraft practitioners like you, to enhance your personal skills beyond the levels you currently deliver to your own audience, making you more proficient in your own skills...

Plant and Tree Identification 6 Weekend Immersion Course

Plant and Tree Identification 6 Weekend Immersion Course

6 weekends spread over a year | 18+ | 10

Our connection with plants and our very understanding of their uses and dangers that they present have been developed and handed down from generation to generation and is rooted to our very existence. But in...

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