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This course is intended to provide an introduction to foraging edible wild food. Learning to identify edible wild plants by using books it difficult and potentially dangerous, you simply can’t...

Understanding Axes Workshop

3 Hours | All | 16

'Outside of fire, little else can contribute more to living comfortably in the wilderness than knowing how to properly use a well-chosen axe.' (Mors Kochanski author of 'Bushcraft - Outdoor skills and wilderness...

Foraging Walk & Talk

3 Hours | All | 16

During this 3-hour workshop our instructors will provide you with a brief introduction to the legal framework surrounding foraging, the safety considerations and the foragers code before heading out for a gentle walk around our...

Spoon Carving Workshop

3 Hours | All | 16

'Carved utensils and other objects are a joy to use and to live with. They are the lasting result of meaningful work.' Willi Sundqvist (Swedish carving legend!). Join us for one of our...

Tool Use & Maintenance Workshop

3 Hours | All | 16

In this session we will start out by discussing the legal framework which surrounds the use of bushcraft knives, axes and other tools. We will focus on how you can maintain that 'shop bought'...

Game Preparation Workshop

3 Hours | All | 16

In this 3-hour workshop we will guide you through preparing both pigeon and rabbit with a view to cooking up the pigeon on site for you to try and sending you away with the ready-to-cook...

Net Making Workshop

3 Hours | All | 16

This 3-hour workshop will focus on each person crafting their own wooden netting needle and gauge card for the method of net making. In the remaining time we will look at how to start a...

Ropework & Knots Workshop

3 Hours | All | 16

We are often asked on our courses to show people a few useful knots when living out in the woods. During this 3-hour workshop, we will look in detail at the multitude of different knots...

Cordage Making Workshop

3 Hours | All | 16

This 3-hour workshop will look at the collection and preparation of fibres for cordage making obtained from commonly available plant materials (the exact fibres used will depend on the season). We will...

Traps & Snares Workshop

Traps & Snares Workshop

3 Hours | Any | 16

This workshop firstly looks at the legislation and DEFRA recommendations for legal snaring in the UK. We then have an in depth look at the methods used by indigenous peoples around the world...

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