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Woodland Ways Bushcraft Weekend

3 Days | 18+ | 16 persons max

This is by far our most popular Bushcraft Course! This multi award-winning course is an ideal starting course for the beginner and for those who wish to try their hand at something different. It...

Tracking Weekend Course

3 Days | 18+ | 12 persons max

Learn how to interpret the track and sign left behind by the UK's wild inhabitants... led by experts in sign interpretation. Jason is highly regarded for his tracking knowledge and skills. Drawing on...

Winter Survival Skills Weekend Course

3 days | 18+ | 12 persons max

This course features an in-depth study of the immediate short-term priorities for winter survival - shelter and warmth, before building on the more advanced skills of gathering wild foods...

Bow Making Bushcraft Weekend Course

3 days | 18 + | 10 persons max

The bow and arrow has been one of those accelerating forces in the shaping of mankind's story on Earth firstly allowing our ancient ancestors to ensure the security of food in the wilderness...

Axe Workshop & Tree Interpretation Weekend

3 Days | 18+ | 12 persons max

Come and learn from us about tree identification, the language of trees, and then how to use your tools safely. Using our many years of experience working in woodland environments,...

Wild Food Foraging and Preparation Weekend

3 Days | 16+ | 16 persons max

This weekend course goes beyond our Foraging Day Course and is spent looking at processing a range of wild foods including a variety of game and wild plants. On arrival, it is...

Fire Lighting Bushcraft Weekend

3 days | 18+ | 10 persons max

Through this weekend you will have the rare opportunity to work in small groups with us on this most important topic, not only understanding its importance to our species, but also discovering a whole myriad...

Woodland Ways Advanced Bushcraft Weekend

3 Days | 18+ | 12 persons max

This course takes a few of the subjects that we cover on our Woodland Ways Bushcraft Weekend course and goes into them in more depth and also introduces some craft activities...

Fur On Hide Working Weekend

3 Days | + 18 | 10 persons max

Join the Woodland Ways instructing team and gain knowledge and experience of fur on hide work on this fantastic course. Our instructors will share their in-depth understanding of the properties of the furs and...

Basketry and bark work weekend

3 days | 18+ | 12 persons max

A weekend of basketry and harvesting, processing and crafting beautiful items from a range of tree barks and materials. Our British woodlands are crammed with incredible natural materials that had huge significance for the lives...

Family Bushcraft Immersion Course 6 Weekends

6 Months 6 Weekends | 8 + | Family Units

The first course of its kind to be offered in the UK opens the door to longer duration woodland immersion and wilderness living skills to the whole family to form an experience everyone will treasure...

Salmon Fish Skin Tanning Weekend Course

3 Days 2 Nights | 18+ | 12

During this weekend course you will discover the amazing transformation of turning two Salmon skins into Leather (per person). This amazingly strong and versatile material can then be processed further on to items such as...

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