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Bone & Hide Work


2 Years. 17 weekends 3 days plus access to our woodlands | 16+ | 16 persons

THE WOODLAND WAYER: A comprehensive bushcraft course aimed at those with either a personal and or a professional interest in progressing their bushcraft knowledge to heights they...

Fur On Hide Working Weekend

3 Days | + 18 | 10 persons max

Join the Woodland Ways instructing team and gain knowledge and experience of fur on hide work on this fantastic course. Our instructors will share their in-depth understanding of the properties of the furs and...

Flint knapping and bone working weekend

3 Days | 18+ | 10 persons max

This weekend course is all about getting to grips with the tool technology of our hunter-gatherer ancestors.  Specifically we will...

Northern Forests Year Long Course

1 Year | 18+ | 10 persons max


Moccasin Making Workshop

8 Hours | 16+ | 8 persons max

Join us for a day's moccasin making course based at our amazing barn workshop space, with log burner and tea/coffee making facilities on tap... surrounded by some inspirational craft displays. On this course our instructors...

10 Day Woodland Immersion Survival Course

10 Days | 18+ | 10 People Max

One of our more advanced UK Bushcraft Courses the Woodland Ways 10 day Immersion course will allow you to develop your Bushcraft Techniques for a more prolonged period of time. ...

Sami Leather Pouch Making Workshop

4 Hours | Any | 8 persons max

Join us on this workshop as we bring two quintessential bushcraft skills together in the form of cordage and leatherwork to create your very own piece of Lapland craftwork, in the form of a...

Bone Needle Making Workshop

4 Hours | Any | 8 persons max

Fundamental to many of our ancestors right up to indigenous peoples around the world of recent times, bone has pathed the way for the survival of many cultures, making needles for sewing clothing, awls for...

Antler Ring Making Workshop

4 Hours | Any | 8 persons max

The deer beats at the heart of Woodland Ways, so much so that it is at the centre of our emblem. Nothing represents deer more than the majestic crown of antlers adorning the head of...

Salmon Fish Skin Tanning Weekend Course

3 Days 2 Nights | 18+ | 12

During this weekend course you will discover the amazing transformation of turning two Salmon skins into Leather (per person). This amazingly strong and versatile material can then be processed further on to items such as...

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