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Overseas Expeditions

Maasai Warrior Expedition

13 Days | 18+ | 7 persons max

Some of the proceeds for this trip go directly into funding projects within the community. ...

Join us for complete immersion into the African bush, led by one of South Africa's top game rangers and guide. Completely unique to Woodland Ways this course combines Game Ranger...

Canoeing and Camp Craft in Sweden

9 Days | +18 | 10 persons max

Join the Woodland Ways team as we travel back to the Swedish wilderness and undertake an 8 day canoeing expedition. ''I was fortunate enough to be part of the first Sweden...

Winter Wilderness - Tracking Croatia

8 Days | 18 Yrs + | 5 Persons Max

** Due to the ongoing global...

The Yukon River Canoe Expedition

18 Days | 18+ | 10 Persons max

An incredible opportunity to join our highly experienced team on a wilderness canoe adventure of a lifetime. Imagine gliding down the longest river in Yukon, and the third longest river in North America,...

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