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Primitive Technology

Bow Making Bushcraft Weekend Course

3 days | 18 + | 12 persons max

The bow and arrow has been one of those accelerating forces in the shaping of mankind's story on Earth firstly allowing our ancient ancestors to ensure the security of food in the wilderness...


2 Years. 17 weekends 3 days plus access to our woodlands | 16+ | 12 persons max

THE WOODLAND WAYER: A comprehensive bushcraft course aimed at those with either a personal and or a professional interest in progressing their bushcraft knowledge to heights they...

Fire Lighting Bushcraft Weekend

3 days | 18+ | 10 persons max

Through this weekend you will have the rare opportunity to work in small groups with us on this most important topic, not only understanding its importance to our species, but also discovering a whole myriad...

Fur On Hide Working Weekend

3 Days | + 18 | 10 persons max

Join the Woodland Ways instructing team and gain knowledge and experience of fur on hide work on this fantastic course. Our instructors will share their in-depth understanding of the properties of the furs and...

This weekend course is all about getting to grips with the tool technology of our hunter-gatherer ancestors.  Specifically we will...

Basketry and bark work weekend

3 days | 18+ | 10 persons max

A weekend of basketry and harvesting, processing and crafting beautiful items from a range of tree barks. Our British woodlands are crammed with incredible natural materials that had huge significance for the lives of our...

Natural cordage and glues weekend

3 days | 18+ | 10 persons max

What did human kind do before the advent of modern synthetic ropes, tapes, glues and epoxy resins? Come and find out. During this weekend ...

Flint Knapping Day Course

1 Day | 18+ | 12 persons max

Have you ever wanted to know how early...

10 Day Woodland Immersion Survival Course

10 Days | 18+ | 10 People Max

One of our more advanced UK Bushcraft Courses the Woodland Ways 10 day Immersion course will allow you to develop your Bushcraft Techniques for a more prolonged period of time. ...

Tallow Candle Making Workshop

4 Hours | Any | 8 persons max

Join one of our experienced instructors, as you are shown how to make your very own tallow candle. Using all-natural products from the woodland, you will be guided through every aspect of your candle. ...

Bushcraft Practitioner Development Training - 5 Days Course

This course is designed for professional bushcraft practitioners like you, to enhance your personal skills beyond the levels you currently deliver to your own audience, making you more proficient in your own skills...

Progressive Flint Knapping Immersion Course 6 Weekends

For over 2.5 million years your ancestors produced flint tools to achieve everyday tasks, from cutting, slicing, drilling, shaping and more. Sparking a stone tool evolution of applied problem solving, utilising natural materials and the...

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