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Bushcraft Practitioner Development Training - 5 Days Course

Bushcraft Practitioner Development Training - 5 Days Course


Course Location: Oxfordshire, Derbyshire or East Lothian - Scotland

Course Time: 09:00 Monday -16:00 Friday

Course Duration: 5 Days

Course size: 10

Course Age Range: 18+

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Bushcraft Practitioner Development Training - 5 Days Course

This course is designed for professional bushcraft practitioners like you, to enhance your personal skills beyond the levels you currently deliver to your own audience, making you more proficient in your own skills and to become a better and safer instructor, enriching the way you currently deliver now at your own venue.

You will be inspired and empowered within the company of other bushcraft professionals, within a rich peer-to peer learning environment.

We will be developing your skills to a higher level, supplementing and improving on skills already attained, and teaching you new ones for you to take back into your own practice. This is a good complimentary course to the IOL Bushcraft Competency Training and takes your skills to the next level.

Why should you come on this course? Well, when we teach Continued Professional Development courses, the most common thing we hear from clients is "Wow, and I thought I knew loads!"

You don't know, what you don't know until you become enlightened by learning something new about what you thought you knew. This course will do that and much more.  You will be taught by some of the most knowledgeable instructors in the industry, teaching you transferable bushcraft skills to deliver to your own clients. 

Throughout the course you will learn in detail:

  • Flint on iron pyrite - To produce embers on amadou.
  • Hand drill embers - using various materials and techniques.
  • Make a group fire bow set - Learn varying applications and collect materials from the woodland.
  • Char elements - man-made and foraged materials.
  • Advanced knife grips - grips towards the body, producing a selection of utensils.
  • Axe carving - safe use, producing a utensil.
  • Carving session delivery techniques - accommodating different abilities and learning styles to your audience. 
  • Cutting tool selection, care and maintenance - knife, crook knife, saw and axe.
  • Detailed plant identification - forage walk, legality, and reference recommendations.
  • Sustainable harvesting - techniques ensuring flora remains productive through the changing season and subsequent years.
  • Medicinal remedies - produce from foraged wild plants.
  • Firewood - analysis and species characteristics.
  • Fire lays and fire management- their suitability for the vast array of cooking methods and other uses.
  • Cooking frames - designs and applications.
  • Cookware - comparison, care and maintenance. Advantages and disadvantages of each style and material type.
  • Baking - produce a selection of different breads, from, Roman loaf, beer bread, native American fry bread, as well as wild seed damper loaf.
  • Game preparation - fur and feather, with and without knives.
  • Game cooking - in the ground, communal and at your own camp.
  • Birch tar - dry distillation of birch bark, rendering to tar and its various applications.
  • Coil basketry - produced from foraged material.

Through the week you are going to be working on a huge array of increased skill sets, from green woodwork carving skills with an axe, advanced bushcraft knife and crook knife grips to producing a range of utensils. This will arm you with the diverse range of carving skills, enabling you to release wood fibres in new ways, elevating your carving prowess.

Producing numerous embers using various methods from the hand drill, to sourcing the materials direct from the woodland to producing a group fire bow set, and how to apply it in various teaching arena's. You will also be joining the Otzi club in producing an ember using iron pyrites and flint, make your own char elements, both man-made and foraged materials you have collected from our beautiful woodlands. Utilise these skills further to blow that ember into flame, to form an established fire at your own camp to cook an evening game meal, supplemented with wild edibles.

You will learn to utilise and process an array of wild plants for various dishes, medicines and camp craft uses, through detailed identification conducted on a forage. Converting this knowledge into practical skills by collecting them to produce useful medicinal remedies for the great outdoors, prepare and cook delicious wild food without the need for cookware, and other tasks throughout the week such as producing birch oil and rendering it to tar and producing a coil baskets.

Creating cooking frames and suspension systems to suit every conceivable camp need, will equip you with some great group management skills, with as many different fire lays and cookware options and cooking methods to match, an in depth understanding of each of their suitable applications will develop, the benefits they provide, as well as their limitations.

We are taking your bushcraft skills and developing them to a much higher level than where you started. Supported by the years of experience behind your Woodland Ways instructors, who will not only guide you through this advance skill set, but show you how to convert them into transferable skills to relay to your own clients. 

These skills are reinforced with an in-depth information pack which will enhance your understanding of key subject areas and helps clearly lay out the legal framework relating to them.

The five-day course starts at 09:00 am on Monday, 08:30 to 18:00 each day thereafter, finishing at 16.00 on the Friday. The course is self-catering on all but the Campfire cooking and game preparation day. Drinking water for hot and cold beverages, as well as tea and coffee will be provided on each of the five days.

We operate from a basic woodland venue with rustic furniture around the camp so do feel free to bring additional items for your comfort throughout the week and download our recommended kit list for additional advice. There will be hot and cold water for drinks and a base camp style toilet for your comfort.

This course is available to book privately for groups of 8 or more.

For individuals booking on our advertised dates= £495 per person, £450 for IOL members and holders of the FBC award (please telephone to book and give your membership number)

For group bookings on your own date of 8 -10 persons = £495 per person, £450 for IOL members and holders of the FBC award (please telephone to book and give your membership numbers)

For group bookings on your own date of 10+ = £450 per person, £400 for IOL members and holders of the FBC award (please telephone to book and give your IOL membership numbers)

  • Derbyshire - Haddon Hall Estate


    Set in the Heart of the stunning Peak District National Park our woodlands are based on this beautiful 3800 acre historical estate, home to Lord and Lady Edward Manners. A warm and caring family estate, woodlands comprise over 600 acres, and our beautiful camp is nestled on the banks of the river Wye. Surrounded by a mature mixed canopy of Oak, Ash, Birch, and numerous conifers the diverse mix of flora is home to a wondferful array of large and small fauna. You may spot Fallow, or see the sign of badger, and will be immersed into a cacophany of bird noise as you share the home of owl, buzzard, woodpecker and more.

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