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Coil Basketry Workshop

Coil Basketry Workshop


Course Location: Oxfordshire/Bedfordshire

Course Time: 13:30

Course Duration: 3 Hours

Course size: 6 Max per instructor

Course Age Range: 16+

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Coil Basketry Workshop

This workshop is intended to provide an introduction to the fascinating and ancient craft of coil basketry. 

The ability to create containers from natural materials is a very satisfying process. Where we have collectively jumped on board the 'plastics wagon' as modern humans, our ancestors would have needed the skills to fashion every day utilitarian carrying devices both for equipment on the move and also for food and water storage. 

The coiled basket is one of the most versatile container-making skills to learn as the sheer variety of plant and tree species that can be used enable you to succeed at practically any time of year in almost any environment.

Customers will be taught the basic principles of coiling and will be guided through the process of making their own basket to take home at the end of the workshop.

We will also cover aspects of coil basketry including a selection of stitching designs, information on other materials that can be used and a little of the history of coil basketry throughout the world.

'...basketry needs no investment of money: the essential requirements remain a simple awl, nimble fingers and patience.' (Hélène J. Balfet)

All tools and materials to take part in the workshop are provided.

Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult.

Tea and Coffee are provided throughout the workshop.


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