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Natural cordage and glues weekend

Natural cordage and glues weekend


Course Location: Leicestershire

Course Time: 13:00 Friday - 12:00 Sunday

Course Duration: 3 days

Course size: 10

Course Age Range: 18+

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Natural cordage and glues weekend

What did human kind do before the advent of modern synthetic ropes, tapes, glues and epoxy resins? Come and find out.

During this weekend course we will open your eyes to the vast selection of trees and plants which can be called upon to yield up a workable fibre. Each species has a unique method of harvesting, processing and using the fibres it boasts and it is this detail that makes natural cordage such a joy to learn and practice.

As a minimum programme of delivery we look to process Nettles, Willow herb and Brambles in the plant fibres before looking at Willow, Lime and Elm bark for tree resources of string and rope.

Your course will begin with an in depth review of a range of craft items incorporating natural bindings and glues to give you an insight into just how important these skill sets are and how ensconced they are in almost every area of wilderness survival skills.

Once you have a workable fibre the actual process of twisting it into a length of string can be the same for any of them. We will however for the sake of diversity go beyond simple nettle cordage and show you both 2 and 3-ply methods before looking at some simple braids and strap weaving techniques.

We will operate out of our stunning woodlands from a rustic woodland camp where there will always be a kettle on for hot drinks. We will break for meals at 12:00 and 18:00 but activities will likely continue into the evening in keeping with our more specialist weekends gaining you the maximum opportunity to get hands on experience.

Sometimes a simple binding isn't enough, sometimes a craft item requires that extra bit of hold power or perhaps a water tight seal along a seem - here is where a knowledge of primitive glues and pitches will elevate your craft work to new levels.

Our instructors will guide you through every step of making your own hide glue before looking at Pine pitch and Birch tar.

With these three traditional adhesives in your possession you will learn about their unique material properties which will then inform you how best to use them in craft work.

You should leave the weekend with many metres of cordage from a variety of plant sources and a personal stash of three different glues. More than this the time spent correctly identifying, harvesting, processing and utilising such a range of natural materials will put you in great stead for any future natural crafts you may wish to try your hand at.

It only becomes apparent just how useful string and bindings are once you do not have any! Ultimately this course should give you the confidence that string literally grows on trees and if you know how to acquire it sensitively you will never be in a situation where you cannot mend a broken shoe lace or fix a tent guy line.

If you have any questions on any of the above please do get in touch.


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  • Leicestershire - Belvoir Castle Estate


    With very kind permission of the Duke and Dutchess of Rutland, our courses here are set within the stunning private 16000 acre Belvoir Castle estate boasting truly beautiful areas of ancient woodland.

    The venue is located just outside the village of Nipton in rural Leicestershire around 6 miles west of Grantham. Our main base is set within a remote 400 Acre solid block of Woodlands, with no road noise or light pollution, and with access to the wider Estate. With 31 of the 32 species of native trees the canopy is simply stunning, and the vast acreage provides us with plenty of scope for renewable resources. As you would expect, there is an abundance of wildlife and flora.

    We operate all of our courses here for individuals to book on to, including our Woodland Ways Weekend, we also offer private bookings, school bookings, stag do's and corporate events. Toilet facilities are provided by means of composting toilets and there are central covered teaching area's within the woodlands comprising of timber and canvas structures.

    If arriving for a course please do not head to the Castle, in order to protect the privacy of the family. Please ensure when travelling to the venue you use the directions and not rely on Sat Nav in order to prevent getting lost.

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