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Northern Forests Year Long Course

Northern Forests Year Long Course


Course Location: East Lothian - Scotland

Course Time: 19:00 Friday - 12:00 Sunday

Course Duration: 1 Year

Course size: 10 persons max

Course Age Range: 18+

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Northern Forests Year Long Course

This is a personal development course, aimed to further improve your bushcraft skills, awakening your senses to a broad period of time when our ancestors lived in, and with, the northern forests.

Spanning a year, there are 10 set weekends, each looking at a particular skill with the emphasis being on the northern environment of the UK. These weekends will allow you to delve deeper into each particular subject area.

The course concludes with a 5 day test phase putting into practice the skills you have developed.

Module 1 - Introductory Weekend and Group Shelter

2022 INTAKE: 12th - 14th August 2022

Following the necessary cutting tool safety refresh, including the safe use of your primary tool, the axe, you will be guided around the woodland to identify the resources available to you throughout the course. We then begin in earnest looking at shelter and its value as a communal resource and can expect to commence the construction of a large group shelter.

You will also be introduced to various game preparation including bird and mammal. As well as getting into the mindset of gathering and storing material as you gather friction fire lighting material.

Module 2 - Individual Shelter

2022 INTAKE: 30th September - 2nd October 2022

This weekend sees a continuation of the long term shelter build and make any finishing touches as well as individual shelters which will serve as your 'homes' for the duration of the course. As we continue into the evening you will make benches, tipi taps, a latrine and a kitchen area. You will also construct a range of improvised and permanent cooking cranes. 

The fire now becomes all important as we head into winter and so an introduction to useful fire lays will be covered.

Module 3 - Navigation

2022 INTAKE: 29th - 30th October (16:00 Finish On Sunday)

Here we leave the comfort of our fixed camp and head out onto the neighbouring estates within the Lammermuir Hills. You will learn the skills required of map and compass to navigate in such terrain led by our mountain leader instructor. We will also cover natural navigation and you will have the chance to sleep out in a rock bivvy.

Module 4 - Axe and Fire

2022 INTAKE: 9th - 11th December 2022 (13:00 Start)

We now get into the more lean season as your axe work and fire lighting skills need to be honed and developed further. Using axes you will practice the safe felling, limbing, sectioning and processing of fire wood for the longer term. We will work with you on a putting into practice the skills of the different fire lays learnt in the previous module. As we get to know the northern woods we are able to identify the different tree species in winter, both broad leaf and conifer, and if the night skies allow we will journey through the stars with folklore of the northern forests.

Module 5 - Clothing and Crafts 

2022 INTAKE: 20th - 22nd January 2023

As we return to the woodlands in January the warmth of our woollen garments will prove to be invaluable. You will make a woollen pair of gloves, with leather outers for that hard woodland winter work- all hand stitched whilst sitting within the warmth of our round house. You will also begin construction of a woollen smock of the northern forests, and with the patterns cut you will return home to continue it construction before the next module.

Module 6 - Bow Making

2022 INTAKE: 3rd - 5th March 2023 (15:00 Start)

During this weekend you will learn how to make either a flat bow or a long bow out of an ash stave provided for you. Working through with all of the tools you would expect you will hew out the rough shape of your bow before moving on to your rustic shave horse in order to shave and file until the tiller tells you your stave is ready

Module 7 - Buckskin

2022 INTAKE: 31st March - 2nd April 2023

Back in main camp you will learn how to skin and butcher one of the larger deer species. Following on from this you will be provided with a hair on hide and be shown how to go through the initial stages to turn this incredibly versatile material into buckskin. The weekend will be spend scraping both the grain and the membrane sides of the hide. We will also begin the initial softening of the hide.

Module 8 - Buckskin

2022 INTAKE: 28th - 30th April 2023

We move onto the final stages here as we continue to work on the softening of your hide, be prepared for lots of elbow work as you are taught a variety of softening techniques, before then moving on to building a smoker to preserve your finished buckskin.

On the last day you will make a small buckskin pouch for your fire lighting kit.

Module 9 - Water of Life

2022 INTAKE: 2nd - 4th June 2023

Here we head over to the Upper Tweed tributary where we have access to the coast in order to cover the topics of water safety and hygiene, and spend the remainder of the time learning how to fish and forage along the coast and river.

Module 10 - Consolidation Module

2022 INTAKE: 30th June - 2nd July 2023

This weekend sees you pulling together all the skills and resources you have accumulated on the course ahead of your test phase.

Test Phase

2022 INTAKE: 7th - 11th August 2023

The following 5 days are then instructor mentored as you live in the woods with the clothing you have made, and the materials you have harvested. You will begin with an instructor guided session on making microliths from flint. A large mammal will be provided for you to forage from for food and equipment, including the production of bone tools.

  • East Lothian- Scotland


    Our courses in East Lothian run from Blinkbonny Wood, a 100 acre mixed canopy woodland, nestling on the edge of the Lammermuir Hills which provides easy access to hill and moor.

    Approximately 20 miles from Edinburgh and 5 miles from the historic market town of Haddington.

    It is close to Longyester, and therefore public transport to the area is easily achievable with international flights coming in to Edinburgh, as well as Edinburgh Waverley Train Station.

    The canopy is a mixed patchwork with birch, hazel and scots pine a plenty. Gorse throws in its usual colours in the year and at the woodland boundaries there are stunning views of the hills in one direction, the coast in another, and bordering farmland.

    Within our woodlands here you are likely to see Roe Deer, and we have regular sign of badger. There is also a variety of species of owl.

    We operate weekend and day courses from this woodlands and occasional longer duration courses that require access to the hill side. We also offer private courses for schools, parties, stag dos etc.

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