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Plant and Tree Identification 6 Weekend Immersion Course

Plant and Tree Identification 6 Weekend Immersion Course


Course Location: Oxfordshire

Course Time: 09:30-16:30

Course Duration: 6 weekends spread over a year

Course size: 10

Course Age Range: 18+

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Plant and Tree Identification 6 Weekend Immersion Course

Our connection with plants and our very understanding of their uses and dangers that they present have been developed and handed down from generation to generation and is rooted to our very existence. But in the modern world, without constant exposure, the skills of Identification are so much harder to retain.

Join our incredible instructors for 6 immersive weekends where the skills of identification will be constantly and consistently shared with you to improve your own skills. Whether you are just starting out, an interested lay person, or a professional instructor who wants to consolidate and learn more then this course is for you. 

Throughout this course we will build on a broad range of identification techniques and look at a large number of useful wild plants throughout their growing cycles.

Understanding and recognising the detail can be a bewildering task, but you will be surprised of the connection you already have with many plants through your own personal experiences. Understanding how you know these things is a part of your journey as we unlock further understanding of the world of wild plant identification. The key to which starts with the tools to equip you in a wide range of wild plant identification techniques which we will guide you through step by step.

Quality identification books can be a valuable resource in starting this journey and a continued point of reference throughout it, but they all have their limitations, often a snapshot of one part of that plants journey. To truly understand plant identification, you need to take the journey with the plant, observing its development throughout its lifespan, documenting it in the start of your very own herbarium. Immersing yourself deeper as you do so in 360 degrees of identification beyond just sight to involve your emotive senses of touch, sound, smell, and taste it all forms part of your ID tool kit.

We systematically look at the relationships of plants to each other reaching into the detail of the components that make up the plants and how they are arranged to form characteristics within their own family groups empowering you to help ID plants that are new to you.

Busting botany terms and unlocking the hidden meaning of Latin and how its understanding can help us to recognise characteristics and uses in other plants, the common names helping to enlighten their uses and the pros and cons to doctrine of signatures.

It all forms part of a comprehensive wild plants ID package that we believe simply hasn't been available up until now. It is aimed at both the lay person who has been struggling with their plant ID and practitioners in the field to develop their own existing plant knowledge to develop their own plant identification skills as part of their own continual professional development.

Weekend 1 - Autumn Seeds, Dead Standing Plants and Root Systems. 
Many plants withdraw at this time of year embarking on their own survival plan in continuing their species to emerge the following year, revealing further identification details in the seeds they produce, the dead standing stems they leave behind and an opportunity to examine the root systems they have developed.

Weekend 2 - Winter Tree Identification
Winter tree identification with the detailed examination of buds in deciduous trees and needles in coniferous species, family characteristics, symbiotic fungi and tree diseases, sensorial tree identification at night, combined with understanding species growth regulators and how they respond to changes within their environment and distinguishing confusion species.

Weekend 3 - Spring Flowers and The Awakening of Trees. 
Observing the first signs of spring as flora slowly awakens from winters grasp, as the first wildflowers and new growth begin to emerge, revealing the start of its annual rhythm. We begin to set the foundation of plant identification as you are guided step by step through the process. We start with safety and the legality of examining wild plants, their evolution monocots/dicots, lifecycles, flower types and plant structures, busting botanical terminology, looking at flower anatomy Latin name meanings and useful descriptions, recommended reference material revealed.

Weekend 4 - Spring Greens and Wildflowers in Abundance 
Wild Spring greens are at their best in the early stages of their development but are often the most challenging to identify as they are still to develop further key characteristics that help distinguish them from other species. Wildflowers are in full display revealing the signature to the plant they belong, sinking in with the annual rhythm of their choreographed display. We examine these further as you start your own herbarium.

Weekend 5 - Summer Late Flowers and Tree Foliage 
Late summer flowers are blooming, and tree foliage is well developed, we take the opportunity to examine these late bloomers and have a closer look at crown to leaf structures of both native and non-native broadleaf tree species. Observe the doctrine of signatures in plants for identification purposes and how it related to their proposed uses.

Weekend 6 - Summer Fruit and Nut, Plant Defences. 
At this time of year early fruit and nuts are forming on flora, we observe the changing structure of wild plants in the transfer of energy to reproduce and the identification features this reveals. Plant defences have also matured so it's to time to be looking at strategy plans of wild plants to protect themselves from attack and how this relate to family groups.

At just £950 that equates to just £158 per weekend! Each day starts at 09:30 and concludes at 16:30, you are welcome to camp on site. After the first weekend and you are familiar with our woodlands you may arrive and camp for free on the Friday evening also. Full payment is usually required before the course begins, however, if you wish to pay in 3 smaller instalments of £385 (total £1,155) just talk to us and we can make that happen for you throughout the course

2022 Intake
12th - 13th November 2022
7th - 8th January 2023
11th - 12th March 2023
15th - 16th April 2023
3rd - 4th June 2023
2nd - 3rd September 2023

  • Oxfordshire


    Nestling on the banks of the River Thames we have sole access to a 250 Acre Private Woodlands just outside the Village of Appleton, in Oxfordshire. With 125 Acres designated as SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) there is an abundance of flora and fauna. With a mixed canopy throughout the woodlands and a mosaic of habitats this woodlands provides us with amazing resources, with Oak, Ash, Beech, Birch, Hazel, Hawthorn, Cherry, Blackthorn and more. We have resident populations of Muntjac, Roe and Fallow Deer. Plus a huge variety of other fauna with almost daily sightings of Stoat, Tawny Owl, Buzzard, Red Kite and so much more. We operate all of our courses here for individuals to book on to, including our Woodland Ways Weekend, we also offer private bookings, school bookings, stag do's and corporate events.

    Toilet facilities are available my means of composting toilets and a portaloo. There are central covered teaching area's within the woodlands comprising of timber and canvas structures.

    This wonderful wonderful woodlands is situated within 45 minutes of West London and the local train station (Oxford) is less than a 15 minute cab ride away. Please ensure when travelling to the venue you use the directions and not rely on Sat Nav in order to prevent getting lost.

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