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Progressive Flint Knapping Immersion Course 6 Weekends

Progressive Flint Knapping Immersion Course 6 Weekends


Course Location: Derbyshire

Course Time: 09:30 Saturday - 15:00 Sunday

Course Duration: 6 weekends

Course size: 10

Course Age Range: 18+

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Progressive Flint Knapping Immersion Course 6 Weekends

For over 2.5 million years your ancestors produced flint tools to achieve everyday tasks, from cutting, slicing, drilling, shaping and more. Sparking a stone tool evolution of applied problem solving, utilising natural materials and the advancement of manmade ones harnessed from the earth. All taking place over the different periods of hominid progression through the ages. There can be nothing more compelling than producing a tool from a stone taken from the ground, and shaping it with nothing but your hands, some antler and other stones.
This course will immerse you fully into the craft of flint knapping, to such a level you can come away with the confidence in your ability to apply those skills again and again, which can only be achieved by continual exposure alongside a recognised flint knapper.

You will come away at the end of this 6 weekend duration course empowered to produce a huge selection of stone works of art, with the assured certainty they can be applied effectively to the tasks you made them for.

We believe this opportunity, to work alongside a true master in their field, has never been offered to the public in the UK before. A progressive course, with an opportunity to work continuously with stone, improving both muscle and brain memory, transforming you from flint knapping zero to absolute hero.

Harnessing the tools of our ancestors you will learn the art of how to hold, hit, abrade, score, fracture, reduce and shape flint to leave you with the intended shapes for your projects, from scrapers, blade core, backed blade flint knife, burin, rounded hand axe, pointed hand axe, hafted Adze, spearheads, barbed and tanged arrowhead, microlith arrows, leaf shaped arrow heads, knife blade and tranchet flint arrow heads, taking home with you all that you have made.

As you do this you will learn how to observe and read the flint as you release the tool within it, enabling you to interpret it three steps ahead of where you are working it. This will help you take full advantage of the material and avoid common mistaken paths you can find yourself down. Appreciating the skills of our ancestors and learning the history and importance of these processes, and the crucial role they played in the evolution of our species.

The skill sets are divided into the following weekends:

Weekend 1. Introduction to flint knapping
Demonstration of a hand. Making simple scrapers with hard hammers for processing hides to removing bark. Blade core technology to make blades from a single flint core, Simple backed blade flint knife of the Upper Palaeolithic, Burin and their uses from engraving through to production of hooks and needles and harpoon points.

Weekend 2. Making hand axes
Making a rounded hand axe, effective for butchery of large game and mega fauna, making a pointed hand axe a design made from small cobbles of flint, looking at hafted Adze used for woodworking and boat building.

Weekend 3. Spearheads
Spearheads and hafting, bringing together your worked spear head with a hazel rod sourced from our stunning woodland and converting it into a usable hunting projectile tool.

Weekend 4. Arrowheads
Making a bronze age barbed and tanged arrowhead, produced with new material technology of the time, Microlith arrows, Leaf shaped arrow heads of the Neolithic period, thought to be used with poison, Tranchet flint arrow heads, a chisel shaped arrowhead tip, still puzzles archaeologists today. These you will be mounting on arrows and necklaces, giving it purpose and beauty.

Weekend 5. Knife blade
Make a hafted knife blade bound to a wooden handle with natural cordage and glued for extra strength with natural resin.

Weekend 6. Consolidation of skills
Consolidation and free style weekend enabling you to reinforce the last five months learning, an opportunity to revisit previous projects or investigate new ones with the encouragement and skilful eye of Karl for guidance.


Module 2022
Introduction to flint knapping         2-3 April
Making hand axes 7-8 May
Spearheads 25-26 June
Arrowheads 6-7 Aug 
Knife Blade 27-28 Aug
Consolidation 24-25 Sept

You will be coached by one of the UK's leading flintknapper and primitive technologist, Karl Lee. With over 28 years experience of teaching the manufacture and the use of stone ("lithic"), bone and wooden tools.

His years of experience and dedication to the subject, has led to the production of exquisite replica artefacts showcased in critically acclaimed exhibitions within prestigious establishments. These include all of the replica stone tools for the 'One Million years of Man' exhibition hosted by the Natural History Museum, conducting demonstrations, and experimental research for the British Museum, London, to provided extensive teaching collections for several British universities including Bristol, Liverpool, Durham and branches of the University of Wales. He has also been sought by the tv and film industry, producing flint tools and on set consultancy for Alpha.

He has been an invaluable instructor with woodland ways for many years, leading on all our stone technology courses including the modules on our two year Woodland Wayer course. His delivery and teaching style is calm, clear, methodical and concise, with an aptitude to relay the information you need to produce works of art in stone. We are delighted to be bringing him back for this unique opportunity.

The course consists of 6 weekends, each weekend at 09:30 am through to 16:30 pm on the Saturday and then 09:00 to 15:00 on the Sunday. Please note this is a progressive course and weekends cannot be booked individually.

We operate this course during the colder months from the shelter of our barn with a blazing wood fired stove, enabling us to focus on the skills. During the sunniest of days, we will be based around the campfire in our stunning woodland venue on the same estate, with rustic furniture and basic eco-toilet facilities on site, so do feel free to bring additional items for your comfort for these weekends.

Local accommodation is available, in the form of either a campsite next to the barn, local B&B accommodation to suit all, or you can take advantage our woodland venue on the Haddon Hall estate, just a stone's throw away from the barn on the Saturday night for free. Please note if you are arranging campsite or B&B accommodation this is at your own cost, let us know if you would like to camp in our woods.

This is a self-catering course. An open fire is available for cooking on at the woodland camp, but you are welcome to bring your own stoves. Please bring food that is quick and easy to prepare to avoid eating into the course time. Hot and cold drinking water will be constantly available. Please ensure you bring all recommended items on the kit list.

We acknowledge that this can be quite an initial outlay for you, and so we are happy to offer you to the spread the cost over a further 5 equal instalments of £200 over the 6 month course. Just email us on to set up a direct debit.

As an extra special part of this course, upon completion you then join the knappers club! This means that you can join us in the woodlands for the next years intake so that you can practice practice practice in the presence of the team, but doing your own thing. All we ask is for a small donation to cover the cost of the rocks, rent and tea and our woods are yours!


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