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Tracking Weekend Course

Tracking Weekend Course


Course Location: Oxfordshire, Derbyshire, East Lothian- Scotland

Course Time: 13.00 Friday - 12.00 Sunday

Course Duration: 3 Days

Course size: 12 persons max

Course Age Range: 18+

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Tracking Weekend Course

Learn how to interpret the track and sign left behind by the UK's wild inhabitants... led by experts in sign interpretation.

This course is run by either Jason Ingamells or Stuart Wedge.

Jason is highly regarded for his tracking knowledge and skills. Drawing on extensive UK fauna knowledge, coupled with training from some of the worlds best tracking authorities, you know that your course will be of the highest possible standards. Jason tracks globally, from large game in South Africa (where he is assessed annually under the Cyber Tracker System- home of Cyber Tracker where other countries followed to set up the system), tracking with the Maasai in Kenya, through to discovering Lynx tracks in Europe, and more accross the middle east, sahara and jungle. Not to mention his close encounters with Bear and Wolf. Jasons specialism is UK Deer species but his knowledge goes much wider than this.

Stuarts knowledge is once again held in high esteem. Learning his basics in South Africa under the Cyber Tracker System Stuart has since spent years honing his track and sign skills under the mentorship of Jason, and other wildlife experts in his native Scotland. Stuart has a passion for rewilding and has worked gathering information on the Scottish Wild Cat, travelled extensivly throughout the Western Isles and studied at the Scottish Deer Centre. 

Our weekend Tracking Course will help you to develop an understanding of animal tracks and how to interpret them. This knowledge will enable you to get closer to wildlife.

After people have been on our Woodland Ways Weekend and experienced an insight into tracking, our Woodland Ways Tracking Weekend is a popular course helping you to open your eyes (and ears, and nose, and feet, and hands) to discovering life in the woods. 

This course will give you the confidence to understand what animal has left a track, it is suitable for professionals in the field, wildlife enthusiasts and complete beginners. 

With our unique down to earth, practical and realistic approach the Woodland Ways instructors will go beyond the classic realms of identifying tracks and signs, to give you a deeper understanding of animal behaviour within the UK and provide you with the opportunity to experience nature as close as you can get.

Beginning on the Friday afternoon we will show you how to identify track traps, to understand at first hand your affect on your immediate surroundings, and understand the difference between animal and human senses and behaviour. On the Friday night we hold an evening sit spot where you instructor will discuss the behaviours witnessed. 

On Saturday we will get up early for a dawn sit spot, then get you making and using a tracking stick. We will work with you to develop your stalking techniques to allow you to move through the woodland silently get close to its wildlife. You will also learn about natural camouflage, interpreting the landscape to your advantage, and to develop you peripheral vision. 

Following lunch we will provide you with an intense introduction to tracks and signs where we will not only discover identification techniques, but also how to understand gait patterns, compression shapes, action indicators, ageing footprints and signs, understand feeding habits, interpreting kill sites, and learn characteristic animal behaviour. 

The afternoon is then spent putting everything into practice where you will track with our instructors to get close hand experience until you are no longer a visitor to the woodland, but part of it. We will also set up a track trap to capture fresh sign of the woodland's inhabitants which we will examine the following day.

Following breakfast on the Sunday and our morning sit spot we come back together to look at how to interpret the language of birds. We will examine the tools and equipment of the trade including trail cams, animals calls as well as recording and documenting tracks both with photos and taking casts. We will also return to our track trap to interpret the signs before the course finishes at midday.

During this course you are not assessed at all on your tracking skills, rather we take you on a journey of discovery to understand and interpret track and sign to the best of your ability, we will get the best out of you to provide you with the skills to further build on. We warn you, its addictive! 

Our instructors have years worth of experience of tracking not just within the woodlands and marshes of the UK, but also the desserts of the middle east and the Sahara, the African Savannah to the jungles of Borneo. We will enable you to put into practice our techniques to use not only on this course, but also when you leave us for places afar.

Please note this is a self-catering course. An open fire is available for cooking on, but you are welcome to bring your own stoves. Please bring food that is quick and easy to prepare to avoid eating into the course time. Hot and cold drinking water will be constantly available.

Basic eco-toilet facilities are available on site.


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  • Oxfordshire


    Nestling on the banks of the River Thames we have sole access to a 250 Acre Private Woodlands just outside the Village of Appleton, in Oxfordshire. With 125 Acres designated as SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) there is an abundance of flora and fauna. With a mixed canopy throughout the woodlands and a mosaic of habitats this woodlands provides us with amazing resources, with Oak, Ash, Beech, Birch, Hazel, Hawthorn, Cherry, Blackthorn and more. We have resident populations of Muntjac, Roe and Fallow Deer. Plus a huge variety of other fauna with almost daily sightings of Stoat, Tawny Owl, Buzzard, Red Kite and so much more. We operate all of our courses here for individuals to book on to, including our Woodland Ways Weekend, we also offer private bookings, school bookings, stag do's and corporate events.

    Toilet facilities are available my means of composting toilets and a portaloo. There are central covered teaching area's within the woodlands comprising of timber and canvas structures.

    This wonderful wonderful woodlands is situated within 45 minutes of West London and the local train station (Oxford) is less than a 15 minute cab ride away. Please ensure when travelling to the venue you use the directions and not rely on Sat Nav in order to prevent getting lost.

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