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Traditional Clothing Course: Blankets, Bedrolls and Cover

Traditional Clothing Course: Blankets, Bedrolls and Cover


Course Location: Oxfordshire

Course Time: 13:00 Thursday- 12:00 Monday

Course Duration: 5 days

Course size: 10

Course Age Range: 18+

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Traditional Clothing Course: Blankets, Bedrolls and Cover

For hundreds of years people travelling or working in tough remote locations have relied on wool and canvas clothing to protect them from the elements. These tried and tested fabrics are still often the materials of choice for those working in hard conditions due to their comfort, longevity and ease of maintenance.

For those of us used to a world of light weight, quick drying synthetics these traditional options can seem out dated and a relic of the past. There is one key difference though to those bright and shiny cloths that cover the high street and the options of old. One is designed to merely visit the outdoors while the other is designed to live in it! Join us to create your very own custom set of traditional clothing and sleep wear that will serve you for years to come.

Over this five-day course you will fashion your own unique garments from wool and canvas in the style of those used across the American frontier. Our instructors will take you through the process of measuring your pattern, cutting out the fabric and teaching you a range of effective stitching techniques out in the woods.  

Throughout the course you will make your own woollen blanket top, canvas poncho and canvas bedroll. With these three items, you will have what is required to spend extended periods in the wild without the need for extra duffle. 


The course starts with a brief camp introduction and orientation so that everyone is familiar with the woodland that will be their workshop and home for the next five days. Following this we will start to discuss the items and materials that we will be working with over the coming days. Once everyone has been bought up to speed we will make a start on the first item; ‘The Blanket Coat’. The instructors will take you through each step required to make your garment out in the field so that each customer obtains a functional and beautiful top that they can take away and wear with pride. At this point, there will be a break with customers given the opportunity to get some food and finishing off any last adjustments to their sleeping arrangements.

After dinner, we will revisit the materials of choice for our top, poncho and bed roll and look at some historical context for the creation of such garments across the frontiers and the use of blankets as a trade item for trappers and explorers throughout history.

We will finish off the evening with everyone making their own leather thimbles that they will use throughout the course.


Making a good start on the Friday we will carry on where we left off the previous evening and make sure that everyone has made good headway with their sewing by the end of the day. Over the course of the day numerous stitching styles will be discussed as appropriate along with their applications.


Saturday we will continue with our blanket coats with each customer finishing off the final details of their garment. There will be session looking at the various means of customising your top with hoods, gussets necks and different finished on the sleeves which you will have freedom to choose what works best for you.


As we reach a point where everyone one is nearing completion of their wool top we will begin to introduce the canvas poncho that will serve as our rain shield and sleeping tarp on future trips. After discussing the various options used historically it will be a case of more measuring and sewing to see the day out. Our instructors will be on hand every step of the way to guild you through.


Sunday will hopefully see the completion of our Ponchos along with our wool tops. At this point before starting on our final project we will look at the maintenance of our two new garments and ways in which we can improve their performance in wet and windy weather.


The remaining of the course will be dedicated to the production of a functional and versatile canvas bed roll which will complete our traditional outfit for daily work, wet weather and sleeping. This final sewing project although is likely to leave you sore fingered it will allow you an extra special sense of satisfaction on each and every future trip into the wilds and the woods utilising all of your handiwork. Hopefully it will also serve as a platform for the production of future items and crafts that will enhance you experiences with nature. 


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