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Winter Survival Skills Weekend Course

Winter Survival Skills Weekend Course


Course Location: Oxfordshire, Leicestershire & East Lothian

Course Time: 13:00 Friday till 12:00 noon Sunday

Course Duration: 3 days

Course size: 12 persons max

Course Age Range: 18+

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Winter Survival Skills Weekend Course

The Woodland Ways Winter Survival Skills Course is a more advanced Bushcraft & Survival Course focusing on the immediate short term priorities for winter survival - Shelter and Warmth, before building on the more advanced skills of gathering wild foods and tracking.

Friday- This course begins at 13:00 on the Friday afternoon in order for you to make headway with the warmest shelter you will have ever slept in! Following a brief on winter shelter construction you begin work on building your home for the next two nights. Our priority is to get shelter above and around you before moving on to get your fire established for the evening.
Your evening meal consists of roasted pheasant, which you will have prepared yourself, (vegetarian options are available) cooked in a Dutch oven, accompanied by warming roast vegetables. 

Saturday- After breakfast the morning is spent building one of a variety of raised beds and making those last minute touches to your perfect shelter. 

Once you are insulated from the ground and from the elements we then begin construction of your self-feeding fire to keep you warm throughout the evening, this takes practice and so a couple of "dry" runs in the early afternoon do not go amiss whilst preparing your evening meal.

The afternoon is spent focusing on friction fire lighting where once you have developed your technique on an individual fire bow you will build a group set to see how much easier this technique can be!
Winter often brings clearer skies and so if there is the chance during the evening you can spend a while with our instructors to learn some of the other constellation names not covered on previous courses. 

Once again game is provided for lunch and evening.

Sunday- Sunday morning is dedicated to settling in to the Winter Rhythm of the woodland with some beginners to intermediate tracking skills, followed by a wild food foray before heading back to the vehicles at midday.

We would point out that this is obviously a winter course and special attention must be paid to the kit list below, failure to arrive without adequate provision may result in the instructor removing participants from the course on safety grounds.

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