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Winter Wilderness - Croatia Wildlife, Tracking & Film

Winter Wilderness - Croatia Wildlife, Tracking & Film


Course Location: Risnjak National Park- Croatia

Course Time:

Course Duration: 7 Days

Course size: 4 Persons Max

Course Age Range: 18 Yrs +

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Winter Wilderness - Croatia Wildlife, Tracking & Film

A once in a lifetime opportunity to join us

In February 2017 we are inviting four very lucky individuals to join us on an incredible journey into the snow capped mountains of Croatia to take part in a small project to document wildlife track and sign through the medium of pictures and film.

Starting in the foothills of Risnjak National Park you will be joined by one of our senior instructing team and local ranger, Miro. Over the last four years we have been working very closely with Miro supporting the parks service with donated camera equipment, and developing knowledge of the areas wildlife. Miro’s understanding of the environment at this time of year is obviously very deep, and key to our success. 

You will be picked up from Zagreb airport on the morning of the 1st day and transported for approximately 2 hours to our first nights accommodation. Here we make ourselves comfortable in a local families house, where you will dine a traditional 3 course evening meal. The aims and objectives of the trip, safety aspects and tracking techniques will be outlined alongside an introduction to the Mountain Environment and its Fauna. 

This area is the most Mountainous and heavily forested region in the country, and there is a stunning aray of both Flora and Fauna for you to discover. Home to a number of Apex preditors including Bear, Wolf and Lynx, alongside the movement of prey species across the snow line, we are looking to find, learn, and record behaviours of the Fauna we find.

Day two will see us leaving the family home. As you breath in deeply the fresh mountain air, your feet secure in snow shoes, and with everything that you require for the next 5 days on your back we begin an all day hike up through the snow line and into the stunning mountains to our wilderness lodge that will be our home for the next 5 days.

From this point we are on our own. The area is remote, very remote, and difficult to access at this time of year.  

As we find our routines of melting snow for consumption, getting heat through the woodburning stove, and setting out wildlife camera’s you will be immersed into an incredible wilderness that very few people get to experience. For the next 4 nights and 5 days you will explore the surrounding snow covered woodland environment, and summit peaks up to 1500 metres, where we hope to find the track and sign of the areas inhabitants.

You can expect long days, and long nights, watching, interpreting, finding and recording all of the spore we find. Our instructor, and local Ranger Miro, will be passing on their knowledge of the area’s wildlife to you, and you will join us as we discover more. There is also the opportunity to get hands on as we introduce you to filming techniques, wildlife cameras and drone footage.

Upon conclusion of our time in the wilderness lodge we then descend back down from the mountains and head to the Park Rangers Offices where a full 3 course meal awaits to celebrate and reflect. We then return to our families home for a final evening before being transported back to the airport the following day.

The opportunity to spend time in this wilderness, in such a small group, at this time of year, learning tracking as well as photo and film documentary, is a chance of a lifetime.

Although we obviously cannot guarantee snow at all levels we have chosen a time of year which provides us with the highest chance. We are expecting snow cover of between 1 and 5 metres at the levels we will be operating within. In 2015 there was snow of 6 metres depth. In terms of temperatures we need to be prepared for anything in a range of +2 to -20 Degrees Celcius.

There are limited facilities within the Mountain Lodge. Toilets are provided although they may need to be flushed with melted snow dependant on temperatures. There is no drinkable water and so all water to be consumed will come from melted snow or purified from a nearby source. Small amounts of electricity may be available from solar power. There are no showers or further washing facilities. Heat will be provided by a large wood burning stove of which all persons will be expected to manage. You will need to bring your own camp stove equipment (see kit list for more detail). It is communal bunk bed accommodation although there is a side room if a couple does wish some privacy.

For the family home you will be provided with your own room, doubles are available for couples, and all food will be provided.

For this trip you MUST be physically able to undertake the long walk in, and to sustain yourself in this environment. You do not have to be superman/superwoman however we would expect you to have a good level of physical stamina and endurance, a training program can be provided in the run up to the expedition to bring your fitness levels up should they require. Obviously due to the remote location and extreme temperatures that we may experience, medical concerns must be addressed with Woodland Ways Ltd prior to the trip.


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