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BCB Fireball Flint & Striker Grand c/w Compass

BCB Fireball Flint & Striker Grand c/w Compass

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BCB Fireball Flint & Striker Grand c/w Compass

An alternative fire steel that is up for the job.

This fire steel has a slightly different striker than that of the Swedish Fire Steel and performs slightly differently. When struck this fire steel again produces a shower of sparks that come off at around 3,000 degrees. But here the sparks are more condensed into a ball as opposed to the spread of sparks you get with the Swedish Fire Steel. 
This is useful in inclement weather and allows more control of the direction of sparks onto the tinder.
Weight 46g

What do our instructors think? Here Jason writes;

"We discovered these fire balls early in 2008 and decided to give them a bit of a field test. To be honest on the first strike I nearly put it down and walked away as I thought that it could not compete with the Swedish Steel, but just changing the angle of the striker just a little... whoosh... it had my attention again. We field tested them for 6 months and decided they were definately capable, never letting us down and deserving of being sold. This is a good alternative fire steel with its own characteristic sparks."

Advantages: The fire ball is slightly cheaper than other steels on the market but with no compromise on temperature or number of strikes, again this product works in all weathers.
It has a button compass built in to the handle of the steel. The striker and the steel slide together for storage/transportation.

Disadvantages: The striker took us a few attempts to master as the shape is very different, but do work at it as the fire ball is very impressive once mastered. We have found that many people on our courses have shown a preference to the fire ball as there is no piece of string holding the striker to get in the way!

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