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Boonies Outdoor Campfire Kettle 2.5L

Boonies Outdoor Campfire Kettle 2.5L

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Boonies Outdoor Campfire Kettle 2.5L

Introducing a 'REAL' Campfire kettle. 
The Boonies Outdoor Campfire Kettle is only stocked in the UK by a select few retailers and Woodland Ways Ltd is proud to be one of them.

The main body of the kettle is constructed from a solid, but light weight aluminium. Each part of the design has been well-planned, with the emphasis being placed around the areas that would, over time, degrade on kettles not specifically designed to be used on a campfire. 

Boonies Outdoor Campfire Kettles may also be used on stovetops. All parts of these fantastic outdoor kettles are riveted or welded, meaning they will stand up to the harshest treatment and survival conditions. 

Boonies Outdoor Campfire Kettles can cope with being immersed into the flames of an open campfire or used in conjunction with a campfire tripod and suspended over the fire.

The Outdoor Kettles come in four sizes, this kettle is the smallest called the Companion and holds 2.5L.

Boonies Outdoor Campfire Kettles are a must-have for anyone wishing to experience the outdoors with a little added comfort, they're best used for creating the all-important campfire brew, but they're also fantastic for heating large volumes of water for washing up, washing clothes or cleaning.

Please note: Before use, the kettles are silver, but they will blacken after their first use this also helps to build up a nice watertight seal around the kettle. It's also important to note that the kettles are partly made by hand, so some variation is to be expected, and the surface may sometimes be rustic. The kettles are made for function in a fire.

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