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Bushcraft Tools Fire Piston

Bushcraft Tools Fire Piston

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Bushcraft Tools Fire Piston

These brand new, precision made fire pistons have built-in storage compartments allowing you to store your dry tinder/lube/vaseline...etc. The piston rod also unscrews to reveal a 64mm fire steel, giving you twice the chance of starting a fire in the wilderness.

This is an easy to use kit allowing you to create a fire by compressing air with the force of your hands. No matches or lighters needed.   
To create a fire, the piston must be rammed quickly into the sealed cylinder with a single stroke. The compression of the air causes the temperature to rise rapidly to 260 degrees Celsius, or 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This causes the tinder on the piston face to ignite, which is then withdrawn and transferred to a larger pile of kindling to create a fire.


Unscrew the piston rod and land a spark on your dry tinder using the built in fire steel.

This kit consists of:

1 X Fire Piston aluminium plunger (GREEN)

1 X Fire Piston aluminium body (GREEN)

1 X  64mm Firesteel 

Charcloth & Lubricant filled caps

Bag of spare seals

Easy to follow instructions

Piston length: 115mm
Piston weight: 80g
Firesteel length: 64mm

Most recent reviews...

Oct 2018
very nicely made and sturdy. will last for many years. delivered promptly. my only thing is, the bag could have been a little longer.