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Casstrom 550 Paracord 100ft

Casstrom 550 Paracord 100ft

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Casstrom 550 Paracord 100ft

Casstroms Lapland 550 Type III Paracord is a high quality and versatile cord. 

The strength of Lapland 550 is due to the 7 inner cords, each made up of 3 nylon strands, twisted together. This construction gives the cord a minimum breaking strength of 550lbs, or 250kg. 

 Lapland 550 can be used to lash equipment to canoes or vehicles, or to secure tents and tarps. 

The inner core can be used as fishing line, for snares, or even thread for stitching. 

Lapland 550 has a multitude of uses and is available in a range of colours, please choose your colour from the drop down menu.

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Most recent reviews...

Apr 2021
If there's a better quality paracord than this, I don't know what it is! I've used the neon pink/orange (still not quite sure what colour it is!) to replace the guy ropes on my bell tent, and the coyote and camo green are excellent!
Mar 2021
very good price and plenty of it. Very good quality too!
Feb 2021
Very nice quality paracord. Very good price and there's plenty of it. I'll be getting some more of that one. Very quick delivery as always :-)
Oct 2020
this is top quality stuff which came very quickly, very pleased with everything that comes from Woodland Ways.
Sep 2020
I bought this in blaze orange to replace the tatty guy ropes that came with my canvas bell tent, with something that my kids might be marginally less likely to trip over constantly. The paracord is top quality stuff and I'm very pleased with it - the fluoro orange has just a hint of pinkishness to it but most importantly is very visible against the grass! I just need to find nice guy adjusters to do it justice.