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Casstrom Classic Crook Knife Birch Handle

Casstrom Classic Crook Knife Birch Handle

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Casstrom Classic Crook Knife Birch Handle

Spoon knife or Crook knife is the ideal tool for making spoons, kuksas,cups and bowls from wood in the traditional way. The blade is made from alloyed carbon steel and hardened and tempered to about 60 HRC to keep a good edge, perfect for the delicate carving work when whittling your projects.

The handle is crafted from Birch wood and is finished to the highest standard making this tool a very comfortable to hold meaning you can whittle the hours away without getting blisters or sore hands.   

Possibly one of the best features is that this knife comes with a purpose made, leather sheath, that covers the blade to protect both the edge and yourself when storing and transporting the knife.

Available for right-handed or left-handed, please choose from drop down menu.

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