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Casstrom No 10 Swedish Forest Knife Oak Handle

Casstrom No 10 Swedish Forest Knife Oak Handle

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Casstrom No 10 Swedish Forest Knife Oak Handle

Once again the,care,attention and craftsmanship in this new Casstrom Master piece is only too plain to see. The stunning handle is made from Oak and is moulded to the hand perfectly with finger holds and a curved handle that flow over the hand making it a tool of great craftsmanship and union. The blade is crafted from 4mm thick carbon steel which allow for the keenest edge, enabling it to remove material effortlessly, along with its Scandinavian grind allow it to maintain its robust qualities for the rougher chores such as Battening or heavier carving projects. 

Böhler Tool Steel K720 (O2) is a very tough and strong oil hardened high carbon tool steel. The focus of the steel is toughness and edge stability. The chemical composition allows it to be hardened to a high degree whilst maintaining ductility and toughness. This means the blade holds its edge for longer at the same time as it is resistant to chipping and cracking under heavy use.

This steel also has a very fine structure making it easy to sharpen and achieve a razor sharp edge with. Whilst easy to sharpen, the low chromium content means it will tarnish if left wet and it must therefore be wiped after use and protected by oil or wax when put away for storage if you want to avoid tarnish building up.

Steel analysis: C. 0.9%, Si. 0.25%, Mn. 2.0%, Cr. 0.35% V. 0.1% (HRC 58-60).

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