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Casstrom No 3 Leather Belt Dangler

Casstrom No 3 Leather Belt Dangler

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Casstrom No 3 Leather Belt Dangler

Casström's No.3 Dangler is an excellent accessory which lets your knife hang lower down from the waist, enabling it to move  freely.This makes movement and handling on and off the belt easier and smoother. 

The specially designed D-ring can also be used for other purposes.This product has been designed as an extended belt loop, a " dangler" so that a knife can be easily accessed even when you are wearing  a jacket or have a large backpack on with a hip belt. The knife comes off easily without having to open your belt, you can also move the knife to your backpack if required, or just quickly remove it  if you are approaching an area where knives should not be visible.

Other benefits of using a Dangler are that it is easier to sit down without the knife causing an obstruction. When the sheath hangs it will bend at the height of the hip joint which allows the knife to smoothly follow your leg movement. If you anchor it to the leg you can run, climb and bend without the knife getting in the way.

We have also designed the D-ring as a carabiner which gives the product many more  features and applications.The  D-ring is made of sturdy 8mm thick aluminium and tested up to a 450kg breaking load which means that you can use it for lots of different purposes, for example, to hang up equipment, pull an animal or anchor a dog leash to your waist.Note that the D-ring should not be used when climbing as falling  can create forces that significantly exceed 450kg.

The belt loop is made of sturdy 3mm thick vegetable tanned cowhide available in Brown. The loop can take belts with a width up to 5cm. 

The Dangler's D-ring will take knife sheaths with a belt loop up to 34mm wide. 

Available in either dark brown,Cognac or black leather, please choose your desired colour from the drop down menu.

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Most recent reviews...

Jul 2018
I bought the Casstrom dangler to complement my Casstrom bushcraft knife. As expected the fit to the Casstrom knife sheath was excellent. Ther leather which is used is good quality and robust and I expect it to last a long time during normal working. The dangler does make the knife a better fit on your belt and prevents the high reach which is required if the knife sheath is fitted directly to your belt, it also allows easy sitting with the knife attached as it easily moves aside or can be pushed aside to sit and kneel. The carabiner is of good quality but this is where I mark the dangler down slightly as it could be improved. Having used carabiners in climbing the type of gate is paramount to consistent use. Although this carabiner is not for climbing my experience with this type of gate, if continually opened, will lose its spring back. This could be remedied easily by using a wire gate which never lose the tension. It would also be advantageous to have the opening at the bottom where the pivot is so that you could easily remove the sheath (it may be designed this way to prevent the sheath from inadvertently coming out of the clip) and use the dangler for other task such as holding keys or anything with a loop on it. The other option would have been to use a square carabiner so you would have had the option to use it however you want. This is a minor disadvantage and overall it is a good piece of kit worthy of the cost which should last a considerable amount of time.