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Casstrom Woodsman Knife Roger Harrington Design

Casstrom Woodsman Knife Roger Harrington Design

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Casstrom Woodsman Knife Roger Harrington Design

Once again the care, attention and craftsmanship in this new Casstrom Woodsman Knife is only too plain to see. Designed by Roger Harrington of Bison Bushcraft this knife is designed truly with the woods in mind. 

Depending on your preference, the handle is stunningly crafted from either Curly Birch, a beautifully pale wood, intermingled with a marble like grain, or Dark Bog Oak, which has been preserved for thousands of years in peat bogs, making it as hard as Iron. Once you have chosen your wood for the handle, you will notice that it is moulded perfectly, and ensures a solid and secure grip. 

The full tang, 9 cm blade is crafted from 4mm thick K720 carbon tool steel, which allows for the keenest edge, enabling it to remove material effortlessly. This along with its Scandinavian grind allow it to maintain its robust qualities for the roughest of chores, such as battening or heavier carving projects.

This Knife comes with a sturdy brown, full grain leather sheath with a fixed leather belt loop. 

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Most recent reviews...

Jul 2017
Beautifully crafted knife and the curly birch scales look like flames - very pleasing on the eye. Out of the box the knife was only moderately sharp but did not take long with a stone and a strop to get it shaving sharp. It cuts curls beautifully with lots of control - even very fine curls. Splitting timber with a baton is a breeze so very pleased with it. It is well balanced in the hand too. So why only a 3.5 star rating? The skandi grind is uneven on my knife - going round the curve to the point the grind is clearly uneven with a slight bulge to one side. Nothing I won't be able to correct with a couple of hours and an oil stone but still - shouldn't be a quality oversight, even minor like this on a new knife. Would I buy the knife again? Absolutely yes - it is overall well made to a high standard and at an excellent price compared to competing products. I will be using this one for years.
Jun 2017
Superb knife love the shape and size of blade, sharp out of box A1
Oct 2016
I am very happy with my new purchase, I wanted a smaller knife for my overnight fishing trips and this one is perfect. love the bog oak handle.. Product and service is spot on!