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DD SuperLight 3 X 2.9 Tarp

DD SuperLight 3 X 2.9 Tarp

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DD SuperLight 3 X 2.9 Tarp

Introducing the SuperLight range from DD.


This super light tarp is designed for ultra light camping and back packing or for anybody wishing to cut down on there pack size and weight .Weighing in at only 460g it is the perfect companion , making any spot you pick a home instantly.


Along with the 19 attachment points and 3x2.9m coverage it provides perfect protection for hammocks or those who wish to sleep on the ground ,while packing down to mere 19x11cm in its own stuff sack it will really fit in to any small space easily.


This tarp is made from strong ripstop nylon with PU 3000mm coating which is completely waterproof even in the heaviest of down pours.


Available in Olive Green or Sunset Orange - please choose your desired colour from the drop down menu. 

Sunset Orange is perfect for hill walkers and being so brightly coloured it is ideal to use for attracting attention in an emergency.

A great piece of kit! 

A real must have!

Most recent reviews...

Dec 2017
Great product - I use it to extend the vestibule of the tent, so you don't step right out in the wet grass and for outdoor cooking.