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DD Superlight Jungle Hammock/Bivi

DD Superlight Jungle Hammock/Bivi

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DD Superlight Jungle Hammock/Bivi

New in for July 2013, The DD Jungle Hammock! 

This is an exciting new hammock from DD. 

It is a modular hammock system that allowed the user to add or remove sections of it (such as the mosquito net and the rain cover) as required, allowing it to be as light as possible by only taking what is needed depending on the season and location you're camping in. 

With the full width poles at either end this hammock is incredibly spacious and comfy once inside. 

It features three main sections: 


  • The main hammock which comes with lightweight sling suspension attached. 
  •  The mosquito net (removable)
  • The waterproof layer (this is removable and can be used below the hammock or above the hammock as a compact tarp)
  • It also comes with full width spreader poles making the hammock very spacious (these can also be added or removed as required).


If you are out just for the day and want a hammock you can throw in your day sack, you can take just the main layer with lightweight suspension. If you are camping in an area with insects you can add the mosquito net which zips onto the main hammock.

The waterproof layer can be used under the hammock allowing it to be set-up as a bivi on wet ground, or it can be clipped onto the top of the hammock to be used as a tarp. 

Please note the waterproof layer doesn't sit completely flush on the top (see photos) but it will stay firmly in place when tied at the ends and provides full rain protection in light wind conditions. It is a lightweight option to using a full tarp and doesn't provide dry cover for kit/cooking, so when camping in high winds or when you want more cover at camp we recommend taking a full size tarp with you. 

Comes supplied with a complete Whoopie Suspension System worth £28.

Weight breakdown;


  • Hammock + whoopie slings = 570g
  • Mosquito Net = 380g
  • Waterproof layer = 210g
  • Poles = 210g
  • Tree huggers, karabiners, elastic + bag = 150g



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