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DD Tarp XL 4.5 X 3m

DD Tarp XL 4.5 X 3m

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DD Tarp XL 4.5 X 3m

At a generous 4.5m x 3m, the DD Tarp XL provides ample storm shelter for small groups and solo campers alike. Its 19 reinforced attachment points allow you to set it up in countless different formations - and its uses extend well beyond hammock cover!

This model is ideal for Scout groups and provides ample living space for survivalists and Bushcraft enthusiasts. Take the DD Tarp XL it on the trail to shelter you and your team on rest stops, use it to cover two hammocks side-by-side - or simply have it all to yourself!
Cook underneath the tarp on your wild camp, use it as a ground sheet, cover your kayak or touring bike with it, craft it into a tipi-tent... We'll let your imagination complete the list.
SIZE: 4.5 x 3m
WEIGHT: 1183g
INCLUDES: 4 guy ropes, 4 pegs & a stuff bag.

 This is a XL Tarp only, DD hammocks are available but are not included.

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Most recent reviews...

Feb 2022
Haven't used this yet, but already use the smaller DD tarp and very pleased with it. Very happy that woodland ways sell this piece of kit for this low price, which is actually cheaper than getting it bought (and posted) from the company that makes (and sells from its website). I'll definitely be using this company again and will spread the word with the group of people I kayak/camp/hike with. Thanks again folks for the prompt delivery btw.
Apr 2021
Really happy with this. Initially tested in the back garden, so didn't have the full range of set up options available. But certainly worth the money, and will be brilliant for hammock camping.
Dec 2016
I have bought this for a relative and he will be pleased with it.