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DD Travel Hammock/Bivi

DD Travel Hammock/Bivi

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DD Travel Hammock/Bivi

The DD Travel Hammock comes with 2 zips (one either side of mosquito net) allowing quick entry/exit either side of the hammock and also allows you to tie the mosquito net up above you, out of the way, when not needed.

This hammock features a fine mosquito netting which keeps out all insects. 
There are two options for supporting the mosquito net, you can either use the foldable poles (included) which are designed to spread the mosquito net out or you can source your own when you arrive at your destination and utilise some sticks. This is useful for people who want to keep the weight to a minimum or those who do not wish to use the mosquito net on every occasion.

Features include two waterproof base layers s it can be set up on the ground as a basic bivi instead of a hammock.
The hammock features two small internal pockets which are great for storing a torch, phone etc as well as three velcro patches between the two layers to help keep a roll mat in place if required.
  • Size: 2.7m x 1.4m comfortable for persons upto 6ft 5 and 150kg
  • Colour: Coyote Brown
  • Weight 1259g
  • Includes stuff bag.

With this hammock you also have the option to lie out in the open (without mosi net) - simply tie the hammock up with the mosi net underneath the hammock.

NB: The base of the hammock/bivi is waterproof so it is not breathable.

Most recent reviews...

Jul 2019
Good quality hammock (I now have 3 of these and one frontline - family loves the hammocks). Only thing I would say is that it is worth changing the suspension on these as in heavy rain, the water runs down the tree trunk and the strapping wicks it down and soaks the hammock. I have replaced all my suspension with whoopie slings (easy enough to make) and just need to think about where any water will go (drip lines / water breaks).
Aug 2018
First time purchasing from Woodland ways and a very quick service. Also first time using a hammock, and got to say very impressed. Had a 1 night stay at The Wildman Woods near Brecon, several other hammock sleepers already there and more than will to help out with advise for setting it up. I had followed the online videos and it is so easy to setup, no real difficult knots and lashings needed. All in all very happy, had a great nights sleep and can’t wait to make more use of it.