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DD Underblanket

DD Underblanket

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DD Underblanket

They are regarded by many hammockers as the best form of hammock insulation in colder weather.

 The Underblanket hangs below your hammock and when fitted well, creates a small pocket of air between it and your hammock. This air pocket will heat up and keep you warm. In hammocks the majority of heat loss is from below due to the compression of your clothing/loft in your sleeping bag by your body weight. 

 The Underblanket combats this by hanging below your hammock so the loft is not compressed. It should be hung close to your hammock so it gently hugs the hammock when you're inside. DD Underblanket is 2m long so when set up it will provide almost full length insulation for most people.

 We recommend setting it up with a little bias towards your head end of the hammock so if anything only your feet will be just outside it. The Underblanket comes with 8 lengths of elastic all with DD Mini Karabiners attached for easy set-up. 

It is possible to set up using just the 4 end karabiners. However all DD Frontline, Travel, Jungle and Superlight Hammocks (made since 2012) have side attachment loops with which to attach the side karabiners for a closer fit.

Most recent reviews...

Jul 2019
This will be the third and fourth dd underblanket I have bought (whole family now have hammocks and tarps). Good quality product which I heartily recommend.
Sep 2018
Fits well and keep the majority of the cold out.