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First Need XLE Elite Portable Water Purifier

First Need XLE Elite Portable Water Purifier

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First Need XLE Elite Portable Water Purifier

The First Need XL water purifier produces 100% safe water from all water sources except Salt water. All natural water purification, no chemicals and no iodine taste. The process removes Pathogenic Cysts (e.g. Cryptosporidia, Giardia) Diseases, Bacteria, Viruses and Chemical Contaminants ( e.g. pesticides & herbicides) Aesthetic Contaminents (e.g. foul taste, odour, colour) Dirt & sediment.

The Water Purifier filters between 600 - 800 litres depending on water quality. The cleaner the water source to start with the more water will be filtered. (Refill cartridges are available) Each canister is sealed to prevent contact with contaminants.

The water purification filter fits onto a Sigg aluminium water bottle (not supplied) the water can either be pumped or filtered by gravity. The unit has a fast flow rate and end of use indicator.

Recommended for: All those who need to purify a lot of water as it is very economical and for anyone that cannot use iodine. Light weight and compact, easy to use.

These portable units are perfect for expeditions abroad, when out hill walking, camping or boating. Great for emergencies too!

So what do our instructors think? Here Jason writes:

"I discovered these pumps just before heading out to the Jungles of Borneo in April 2008, what a find! Not looking forward to the taste of iodine for some months when I tested this kit it was unbelievable to be drinking safe water from the streams with no bitter taste. They are larger however than some other water purification systems and you need to bear this in mind for your rucksack, but it is still smaller than carrying around litres and litres of water. We now use these pumps whenever we are undertaking water purification and rely on them when travelling out in the Sahara on our annual expedition to make safe the water from the wells. But don't just think about drinking water also, these make the water safe to treat wounds, wash, clean teeth and food!"

Advantages: No chemical after taste, and the flow rate is exceptional. We like the feature of being able to connect the bag up to the pump and let gravity do the work also!

Disadvantages: As with all quality pieces of kit these do not come cheap, and they are also bulkier than others, but we feel the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, and if you are travelling with groups this device makes things so much easier because of its size. The cost has recently gone up due to the dollar/pound exchange rate also.

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Most recent reviews...

May 2020
This is probably the most underrated water filter you're ever likely to encounter. It's weird that this is not more prevalent on the survivalist/bushcraft/SHTF scene. I can only surmise that the lack of popularity of this product is due to the fact that it's not the size of a biro and made of carbon fibre, but this thing REALLY works. I'm no technical expert, so I can't and won't wax on about microfilter grams per square inch and double check capacities. What I will say is that you'll see this filter being deployed in disaster areas where clean water is a very small part of a very big and complex problem. That it is so efficient at immediately solving that problem for those who receive one is all the testament I need. I have lived on this filter for up to 30 days at a time, and whilst it might be a tad heavy for the lightweight crowd of gentle survival experts, my advice would be to just get better at carrying things, or shed some weight in a different area as this ranks equal with a good knife in my kit and opinion. For absolute water safety, anywhere, I use a gravity bag filter (with pre-filter), then this, and finally a steripen. Overkill perhaps but then I've never been ill, despite filtering water across the world with sources more dubious than many media outlets. In summary, I would absolutely recommend this product to those of you who want genuinely functional and reliable kit, and who aren't afraid to bear the extra weight as a trade-off. I would recommend it to those of you who know how to start a fire without a lighter, but take a lighter in your kit because it works so much more efficiently than a bow drill.
Jun 2017
saw this on your course tried with dirty water works great, packs quite small, great service from woodland ways