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First Need XLE Replacement Cartridge

First Need XLE Replacement Cartridge

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First Need XLE Replacement Cartridge

Replacement cartridge for "First Need XL" and First Need Deluxe water purifiers.

Provides between 600 - 800 litres of 100% safe drinking water depending on the quality of the water to start with.

If using water from a river/stream try not to touch the river bed as this will stir up the sediment and will reduce the life of the filter.
First Need physically removes the following: Viruses, Giardia, Organisms, Algae, Foul tastes, Odours, Dirt, Asbestos, Bacteria, Cryptosporidia and Parasitic Cysts as well as Herbicides and Pesticides.

Please note this is the updated version of the cartridge and features a NEW clean out port for easier cleaning(without changing hose configuration)

This newer version offers increased durability, capacity and greater savings. Award Winning "Structured Matrix" purification technology. 
Fits  all FN, XLE, XL and Deluxe models.

Most recent reviews...

Apr 2018
Excellent bit of gear I bought back from US many years ago. Replacement cartridge fits as it should. Good service from woodlands.