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Food Kuksa and Spoon Curly Birch

Food Kuksa and Spoon Curly Birch

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Food Kuksa and Spoon Curly Birch

These Kuksa Food bowls and spoons are prepared in accordance with traditional methods and made in the traditional Sami design.
These beautifully hand crafted bowls are made from lumpy burls which are found naturally on mountain birch.The grain of the wood is displayed wonderfully and as each bowl and spoon is made from 100% natural wood each one is unique.

This kuksa food bowl has a Reindeer leather cord so you can hang it up to dry when not in use and it comes supplied with a beautiful wooden spoon.

What do our instructors think? Here Jo writes

"I love these food bowls and spoons,I have a real love for anything made from wood. A lot of time and effort has gone into to making them and they are practical to use. This bowl and spoon set would make a great gift for anyone, especially me!"

Advantages: Handcrafted in Northern Scandinavia to a traditional design. Complete with a leather hanging cord so you can hang it up to dry. High quality. Beautiful & practical to use, will not rust! Spoon included.

Disadvantages:  For obvious reasons you cannot reheat food in it over the fire. We appreciate its not the cheapest bowl and spoon you could buy but we think its well worth the money!

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Apr 2018
Good quality but overpriced.