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Friction Fire Lighting Bow Drill Kit

Friction Fire Lighting Bow Drill Kit

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Friction Fire Lighting Bow Drill Kit

This Friction Fire Lighting Bow Drill Kit includes everything you will need to create fire by friction, all you will need to source is some tinder and you will need the use of a small knife.

Each kit includes:
  • A bow
  • A drill
  • A bearing block
  • A baseboard
  • Instruction booklet
The Instruction booklet contains detailed step by step instructions with images on how to prepare, finding a suitable position, how to load the drill etc and every step to achieving your ember as well as producing flame from the ember.
It also includes advice on common difficulties you may experience and the reasons for them.

We also stock group fire bow kits which are ideal for Scouts, Youth groups etc.
Due to the size and weight of the group sets they are available for collection only from the World of Bushcraft in Bakewell.

Most recent reviews...

Jun 2018
Bow drill was a present for grandson so not able yet to comment on how easy it is to use/value for money. There were problems with the website when i tried to order so I had to send a query. Problems were resolved quickly and efficiently. After my purchase I queried the very high cost of p &p for this item (£9 on an item costing £25). Had to chase this query but, in the end, query was dealt with in very satisfactory fashion.
Nov 2017
Received this on Thursday night and was planning on purely showing it to a bunch of cadets the next day as an example of a fire lighting technique (and then learning how to use it in my own time later!). Having finished my class, a colleague came over and bet me dinner that I couldn't get a fire lit using this kit. I owed him one anyway so I figured it was worth a go and I was rather shocked with myself that I managed to get a viable ember within 3 minutes! The instructions are really clear and the wood has clearly been selected well. I thought it was a bit of a cop out buying something like this rather than making one myself but it was worth it as I know that if something is not working, it's down to my technique rather than the kit. I'd recommend this to anyone wanting to have a go at friction fire lighting.
May 2017
Great kit, everything you need to get started with friction fire. Clear instructions and well thought out. Had a glowing ember first time out and soon succeed in lighting a fire. Most rewarding bushcraft skill when it all comes together and this kit is an ideal place to start.
Sep 2016
Great item seems well made with comprehensive information. Not packed too well for the post however, it did arrive in one piece.