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Gatekeeper Animals UK CD ROM

Gatekeeper Animals UK CD ROM

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Gatekeeper Animals UK CD ROM

Animals UK is a program for easy identification of common British Animals and fulfils many of the requirements of National Curriculum Science, Life Process and Living Things, Key Stage 2 and 3 and Information Technology. It has been created by a teacher for teachers and is artistically unique in that all the animal pictures are full colour original illustrations. Simple context sensitive help is available on use of all forms and fully detailed help is available from the menu.

Choose one of the eight databases from the top level key and database selection form. The databases are Freshwater Invertebrates, Land Invertebrates, Butterflies, Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals, covering 176 species in total.

Answer as many questions as you can on each of the identification forms by clicking on the buttons with the best answers. Each question has a help button and an additional information button to help you choose. The additional information available includes full colour illustrations for some questions. Buttons use a variety of attractive full colour paintings, logos, photos, pallettes or cartoons according to context.

When you click the match button on an identification form the best matches are presented to you as a cascade of full colour species plates. Exact matches are identified by a score of 100%, partially matched items with a lesser score. Every plate has full colour original paintings of the species together with essential details about it. Click the button on the page for a full text description. Both pictures and text may be copied or printed for children to use in their own presentations.

If you prefer you can choose to have the matches presented on the thumbnail browser. Click on any picture to open the species plate. The thumbnail browser can also be used to access any species in the database without going through the identification process. There is also a smaller name browser that lets you choose a species by click on the common name.

Much additional information is available on attractive scrolling pages with many pictures, much of it on a context sensitive basis from the identification forms. It is all also accessible from a central pictoral index. Topics include complete overviews of each category of animals in the eight databases, classification, insects, spiders, insect larvae, metamorphosis and aquatic adaptations.

There are nine interactive exercises accessed from a pictoral index page and covering topics such as sorting with keys, food webs, butterfly feeding, habitat and feeding adaptations, colouring outlines, parts of an insect and SATS style questions. Interactives will also run in Internet Explorer.
Additional material on the CD can be accessed from within the program. Includes printable worksheets, outlines for pupils to colour in and an Excel log file for recording species.

Animals UK CD ROM  requires an IBM compatible PC with equivalent of Intel Pentium 4 400MHz processor or better, at least 250Mb MB RAM and 800x600 pixels high colour 16-bit display or better.

Operating system:

Microsoft Windows 7 or
Microsoft Vista or
Microsoft Windows XP with service pack 2 or later or
Microsoft Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3 or later and Internet Explorer 5.01 or higher
Note that the install will detect service pack and direct you to the relevant Microsoft upgrade page if necessary.

Disk space:

With Microsoft Windows 7, Vista or other machines with Microsoft .NET Framework already installed - 85Mb
32 bit machines without Microsoft .NET Framework installed - add 280Mb
64 bit machines without Microsoft .NET Framework installed - add 610M

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