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Hennessy Double Wide Hex Fly

Hennessy Double Wide Hex Fly

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Hennessy Double Wide Hex Fly

Extra protection on the Hennesy Hammock- Woodland Ways Quality Mark Approved. The double wide hex fly for the Hennessy Hammock is a well thought out addition to what is already an excellent product. On the central line of the tarp there are plastic hooks to link it direct to the central line of the hammock, or you can suspend it higher using the cord attached. On each corner of the tarp there is further ample cord to tie each end out to the desired angle (steeper in bad weather, less acute for sun protection). Where the cord is attached to the tarp there are handy little pockets to fold the cord into when not in use, ensuring a knot free line. By erecting this tarp it provides you with extra all round protection and a number of people can sit/stand underneath when the weather is really bad, ensuring you can stay dry at all times.
It is made from 70D polyeurethane coated polyester rip stop material.
Weight: 23oz/650g
Size: 144" on centreline x 120" wide hexagonal shape.

So what do our instructors think? Here Jason writes:

"We saw this extension of the Hennessy range as a logical step forward for increased all round protection on the hammock, I personally have one of these above my Hennessy but some of our instructors have decided not to... the choice is yours! As we would expect with Hennessy there are some cleaver features on this light weight tarp and I find it a wonderfully comfortable addition to my sleeping system".

Advantages: This tarp provides an extra dimension to all round coverage when asleep and provides extra work space underneath in bad weather. You can also erect this basha using the cord provided when not using the hammock.

Disadvantages: You will struggle to get both the large tarp and the hammock into the bag that comes with the HenneSsy, we have found that an extra stuff sack is required.

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