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Hennessy Hammock Expedition Classic

Hennessy Hammock Expedition Classic

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Hennessy Hammock Expedition Classic

If you have ever walked through the instructors camp on one of our courses you will see that each and every one of us is suspended in one of these.

The ultimate design in hammocks we have tested these throughout the UK, in the Atlas Mountains and in the Jungles of Borneo, and they have never let us down. 

We like items that have multiple functions, not only can this hammock be used as a sleeping system, just drop one side and it can be used as a chair, and remove the basha on a sunny day it can also be used as a sun lounger - fantastic.

The complete expedition package comes with a diamond shape basha to cover the hammock, the hammock itself is all enclosed with a mosquito net, and can be suspended just using the fixed ropes supplied direct to a tree or with the tree guards supplied to ensure no damage is done to the tree. It is 9ft Long 2.7m and designed for one person under 6ft tall and weighing up to 250lbs. If you are taller or heavier please see Hennessy Explorer Deluxe.

The hammock is designed so that you enter it from underneath in a sitting position, lift your legs when inside and the velcro fastening closes behind you leaving you completely insect bite free.

 This hammock also comes with a side zip entrance instead of underneath velcro closure (Classic) please choose your preferred option from the drop down menu.

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