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Ice Bear Combination Waterstone 1000/6000 Grit

Ice Bear Combination Waterstone 1000/6000 Grit

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Ice Bear Combination Waterstone 1000/6000 Grit

This Japanese combination water stone is double sided and comprises of 1000 and 6000 grit.

Size: 200 x 50 x 25mm.
Ideal for sharpening blades, gouges, chisels, cooking knives, leather knives, bushcraft knives and other thin knives used in woodworking.

Easy to use, simply fill the stone with water by submerging it before use. 
When sharpening, keep the stone wet and flush often to clear away swarf and expose fresh cutting particles.
For best results we recommend using this water stone in association with a nagura stone which will help to clean the surface of the water stone and create a slurry and thus speed up the sharpening process.(available separately at a cost of £3.50)

This excellent value stone will give exceptional results time after time.

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May 2019
Excellent quality stone and great value for money.