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Iron Pyrite Rock

Iron Pyrite Rock

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Iron Pyrite Rock

The word pyrite comes from the Greek word pyrites meaning 'of fire'. 
In Roman times the word was given to many different types of stone that would produce a spark when struck with a piece of steel.

Iron is a pyrophoric (from Greek  pyrophoros, "fire-bearing")which means it  spontaneously ignites in air at or below 55 °C.

Iron pyrite can be used as an ignition source to start a fire by striking the pyrite rock with flint or other sufficiently hard stone blade and directing the sparks onto a piece of char cloth or amadou tinder.

Ideal for use with Wilmas Indendo Char cloth Tin (Sold separately)

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Mar 2018
GunZenBomZ; it works but does require good technique to throw the ember into a char-cloth. Practicing at night helps hone ones knowledge.