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Joker NO21 Folding Knife Virolock - Olive

Joker NO21 Folding Knife Virolock - Olive

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Joker NO21 Folding Knife Virolock - Olive

This is a high quality folding knife made by Cuchilleria Joker in Spain.
The blade is made from top quality 420 stainless steel and the cutting edge is 8cm long which is above the UK legal length, therefore it cannot be carried in a public place.
The handle is made from Olive wood. (We also stock this knife in an Oak finish NE21).
The knife features a virolock system which is a locking mechanism designed to prevent the blade from closing when in use. It is similar to the No.6 Opinel knife but the Joker has a thicker blade making it easier to open as there is more blade to get hold of. As the shape of the knife handle is curved more of the spine of the knife is exposed which also facilitates the easy opening of the blade.
So what do our instructors think?
Here Jo writes:
"A good quality alternative to the Opinel knives featuring a drop point at the end of the blade, the knife is lightweight and sits comfortably in the hand. Easy to open and the virolock is a great added advantage"
Advantages: Stainless steel blade, holds its edge longer than carbon steel blade. Virolock system to prevent closing when in use and prevents the blade opening when in transit. Thick blade therefore easier to open.
Disadvantages: Harder to sharpen than carbon steel blade. Cannot be carried in a public place due to blade length and locking mechanism.

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