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Joker NO77 Stainless Folding Knife - Olive

Joker NO77 Stainless Folding Knife - Olive

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Joker NO77 Stainless Folding Knife - Olive

This UK Legal folding pocket knife is made by Cuchilleria Joker in Spain.
It has a 7cm, non-locking blade which is made from top quality 420 Stainless Steel.
It has a full flat grind with the blade thickness at the spine approx 2mm.
As the stainless steel blade is under 3" it makes it an ideal knife that is legal to carry in your pocket at all times with justifiable cause when you are in the UK.
It has a Spanish Olive wood handle so each knife is unique with the patterns and level of grain in the wood.
So what do our instructors think? Here Jason writes:
"This is a wonderful little UK legal folding knife, handy to pop in your pocket for those times when a blade is needed and you have not got your sheath knife. I looked for years to find a knife like this and now it is my constant companion. A good balance between cost and design functionality"
Advantages: 7cm blade making it UK legal. Has a stainless steel blade therefore holds its edge a lot longer than a carbon steel blade.
Disadvantages: Stainless steel blades are harder to sharpen than carbon steel blades.

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Most recent reviews...

Aug 2019
Lovely little knife. Needed an E.D.C. knife. because all my knives are all locking or bushcraft knives. comfortable grip, good drop point blade, very sharp. quite practical for outdoor work. I just need to remind my self that it is not a locking blade, I can see me keeping this little beauty for years to come. Just a little advice to anyone considering to buy this knife is that it does not come with a pouch, so you must buy one separately. Woodland ways do not sell these,